1971: The St. Sebastian Parish Foundation is Established

Mission Statement: To help bring Christ to the world by acting as faithful stewards, to build and manage funds for long term growth, and to provide financial support for the religious, educational and capital activities of St. Sebastian Parish for current and future generations.

1970s-1980s: The Building Years

During the 1970s and 1980s, the St. Sebastian Parish Foundation focused on building a base of funds to be available for the parish to provide long-term financial stability for the future.

Foundation Board Members, Past and Present (* denotes current board members): Thank you to these parishioners for their years of dedication and leadership!

  • Brenda Pier Beck *  
  • William C. Becker  
  • John Beringer  
  • Tim Beringer *  
  • Ann Brennan  
  • David Brennan  
  • Charles Burke  
  • Ken Contrera *  
  • Tim DelMedico *  
  • Vince DelMedico  
  • Tricia Gerak  
  • Lois Gerstenmaier *  
  • Heidi Heinle *  
  • Elizabeth Helmkamp  
  • John Kelley  
  • Amanda Leffler *  
  • Ralph Lipps  
  • William J. O’Neil  
  • Patrick O’Neill *  
  • Jim Pier  
  • Orville Reed  
  • Charles P. Reymann  
  • Barbara Sheeks  
  • Sophie Veillette *  
  • Raymond Wernig  
  • Steve Wilt *  

Pastors: Fr. Charles Byrider, Fr. William Karg, Fr. John McDonough, Fr. John Valencheck *

1990-1999 Foundation Projects

During this decade, the Foundation built on a solid base of support, adding many named funds, endowments and scholarships, and funded several capital projects, including:

  • Campus Security System
  • School Computers 
  • School Fire Alarm
  • Zwisler Hall Parking Lot Lighting
  • Zwisler Hall Repairs
  • Establishment of 16 Endowments, Scholarships and Funds from 1971-1999:
    • The Unrestricted Fund: This was the first fund established at the Foundation. It provides essential funding for the areas of greatest need in the parish.
    • Louis H. Amer Education Endowment 
    • Athletic Booster Club Fund 
    • Victor E. Buehrle, Jr. Science Lab Fund 
    • Fr. Charles Byrider Education Endowment 
    • Mary Jo Costigan Teacher’s Salary Endowment 
    • Foley Family Adult Religious Education Endowment 
    • GOAL (Graves O’Neill Academic Leaders) Scholarship Endowment 
    • Helen Barry Hamlin Library Fund 
    • Paul A. & Patricia A. Hummel Bereavement Endowment 
    • M.G. O’Neil Scholarship Endowment 
    • Wm. J. O’Neil Scholarship Endowment 
    • St. Sebastian School Fund 
    • Lewis & Kathleen Seikel Scholarship Endowment 
    • Frances L. Sharp Music Scholarship Endowment 
    • Victor and Maralyn Yanko Family Scholarship Endowment

2000-2009 Foundation Projects 

In the early 2000s, the Foundation funded many capital improvement projects as well as 3 major renovations: The Beringer Center for Early Learning, the Victor Buehrle Science Lab, and the Zwisler Hall Renovation. 

  • Beringer Center for Early Learning: Convent Renovation and Preschool/Kindergarten Dedication
  • Victor Buehrle Science Laboratory: Construction and Dedication
  • Byrider Hall Repairs and Renovation
  • Church Exterior Work
  • Church Roof Repair
  • Church Sound System
  • Classroom Renovations
  • Rectory Repairs and Renovations
  • School Fence and Playground
  • Zwisler Hall Plaza
  • Zwisler Hall Renovation and Remodel
  • Zwisler Hall and School: Stonework Repair
  • Establishment of 23 Endowments, Scholarships and Funds from 2000-2009:
    • Dr. H. Thomas and Mary Rita Baumgardner Scholarship Endowment
    • Boy Scout Troop #96 Fund
    • Cleary Family Scholarship Endowment
    • Hugh Colopy Scholarship Endowment
    • Dayspring Opportunity Scholarship Endowment
    • Eugene D. & Marie T. Graham Scholarship Endowment
    • Grounds Crew Flower Fund
    • Alberta Hensley Scholarship Endowment
    • Hank and Eileen Hudson Scholarship Endowment
    • Dr. Carl E. Krill, Sr. Family Endowment
    • Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lyons, Sr. Family Endowment
    • McFarland Education Scholarship Endowment
    • Meyo Clarke Comunale Scholarship Endowment
    • Music Endowment
    • Sanctuary Society Fund
    • Seminarian Scholarship Fund
    • Esther Simonetti Owen Scholarship Endowment
    • Sheeks Family Scholarship Endowment
    • Social Ministry Fund
    • John L. and Nellie A. Tormey Rectory Restoration Fund
    • William and Mildred Walzer Education Endowment
    • Richard & Carroll Weber Scholarship Endowment
    • Zwisler Hall Plaza Grounds Fund

2010-2019 Foundation Projects 

    During this decade, the Foundation led the successful $1 Million Cornerstone of Our Faith Church Restoration Campaign and funded several other important capital projects, including:

    • 90th Anniversary of St. Sebastian Parish:
    • The Brick Parking Lot: Design and Construction
    • Byrider Hall Windows
    • Campus Boiler & Cooling Repairs and Replacement
    • Campus Roof Repairs and Replacement
    • Church Bells
    • Church Organ Project
    • Church Roof Repairs
    • Classroom Renovations
    • Computer Lab
    • Helen Barry Hamlin Library: Construction and Dedication
    • Rectory Repairs and Renovations
    • Zwisler Hall Plaza and Jesus Shrine
    • Establishment of 28 Endowments, Scholarships and Funds
      • The Academy of Culture and Arts Fund
      • Adoration Chapel Fund
      • Alumni Scholarship Endowment
      • Mary Ley Burke Scholarship Endowment
      • Byrider Hall Window Replacement Fund
      • Church Improvement Fund
      • James E. and Yvonne Dietrich Family Endowment
      • Franklin K. & Delores H. Dietzler Education Endowment
      • Fickes Family Clergy Enrichment Endowment
      • Denise Maroon Finley Memorial Scholarship
      • Gerstenmaier Family Scholarship Endowment
      • Fr. William D. Karg Faith Formation Fund
      • John and Joan Kelley Scholarship Endowment
      • Natural Family Planning (NFP) Fund
      • Organ Fund
      • Catherine Paparella Memorial Fund
      • James M. Pier, Sr. Scholarship Endowment
      • Mary Jane Hudak Roberts Math Endowment
      • Spectacular Arts & Cultural Enrichment Fund
      • Spectacular Garden Fund
      • Spectacular General Fund
      • St. Sebastian School Employee Spectacular Fund
      • Lynn Frey-Steward Organ Scholarship Fund
      • Stiller Family Scholarship Endowment
      • Jay and Marilyn Stitz Scholarship Endowment
      • John A. Trecaso Scholarship Fund
      • Vocational Health & Wellness Fund
      • James R. and Marie T. White School Library Endowment

    2020 and Beyond Foundation Projects

    Since 2020, the Foundation has continued to further expand its funds, scholarships, and endoments; completed several capital projects; and hosted the Foundation's 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2021.

    As we look to the future, the goals of the St. Sebastian Parish Foundation remain the same – to provide support to our parish today and in the future. This decade looks promising, and with your support we will be able to achieve and exceed those goals!