Every family’s tuition commitment will be different based on their public elementary school, household income, parishioner status, available scholarships and the number of children that attend our school. The tuition examples listed below serve as a starting point to show just how affordable a Catholic education can be. Don’t allow the tuition rate to deter you from asking how we can assist, our goal is to fully leverage every scholarship opportunity to keep tuition affordable for all families. Follow the admissions guidelines and once you have been accepted, our administrative staff is always happy to meet with parents to discuss their needs. For families with three or more students, please contact the school office for information.

Tuition Examples for Families with One Student

Tuition Examples for Families with Two Students


** Please contact the St. Sebastian Parish School office for additioanal scholarships, grants and other available tuition assistance programs. 

**St. Sebastian Parish is always willing to help families that may need a helping hand with tuition. Financial situations should never be the reason a child does not attend our school.

**There is a $150 registration fee per family that will be billed through your FACTS account during the month of April.

FACTS Tuition Management

FACTS Tuition Enrollment Plan - To register for and manage your tuition payment plan, please click HERE.

We use FACTS for our payment and billing services. As an independent processor, FACTS employs industry leading standards in data security, privacy, and compliance in the handling of your personal and payment information.

Tuition charges, aftercare charges, and other incidental fees will be billed through FACTS and deducted with tuition payments as scheduled. Every family must be signed up for an account within FACTS by March 15, 2024. All families will receive a confirmation email from FACTS once their agreement has been finalized with their upcoming schedule and balance. Please note that if using a credit card with FACTS there will be a 2.85% convenience fee added to each transaction. There is no additional fee for using a checking or savings account.

Payment Plans

FACTS Payment in Full Plan - One payment made in full through FACTS or to the school directly. Payment is due between the dates of July 1, 2024 and August 20, 2024. If paying the school directly one check for the total amount must be brought to the school or business office and given to someone directly. If tuition in full is not paid by August 20, 2024 then your student(s) registration reservation will beconsidered available on a first-come first-served basis. There is a $20 FACTS enrollment fee per family for using this option.

Facts Payment Semester Plan - This option will allow for two payments to be made electronically through FACTS. The first payment will be drafted in July 2024 and the second payment in December 2024. The day of the months will be the day selected upon setting up your account with FACTS. There is a $20 FACTS enrollment fee per family for using this option.

Facts Payment Quarterly or Monthly Plan - This option will allow for a quarterly or monthly payment to be made electronically through FACTS. The payments will be 4 or 12 equal installments starting in July 2024 and ending in April of 2025 for quarterly plans and June of 2025 for monthly plans. The day of the months will be the day selected upon setting up your account with FACTS. There is a $50 FACTS enrollment fee per family for using one of these options.