St. Sebastian Parish is committed to providing a special place in our church community devoted to the needs and interests of our youth. We welcome your teen to become involved in Youth Ministry program. We recognize that our youth are pulled in many directions and we want to provide a path that we hope leads them to a deeper relationship with God and that fosters a greater sense of belonging in the St. Sebastian faith community.

Activities require a permission form. Please print and fill out the permission form to attend activities.

Junior High Youth Ministry

The Junior High Youth Ministry is for all Junior High students in grades 7th and 8th. There are plenty of social opportunities, as well as service projects and faith-based programs. Youth Ministry is a super way to stay in touch with old friends, and to make new ones too! It's a great way to stay involved in parish life and in the community. Youth are encouraged to become involved!

Join us for our Teen Topic nights every month to discuss our faith and how it relates to the things happening in our lives.  We discuss bullying, peer pressure, trust, decision making skills and many other teen issues.  We always share a meal together at these meetings and make time to get to know one another.

September Calendar for Junior High

Senior High Youth Ministry

The Senior High Youth Ministry is for all High School students in grades 9-12. There are plenty of social outings as well as service opportunities, faith-based programs and fundraising for Steubenville.

We have begun an exciting new faith group called Peer Ministry. Interested teens will work as role models for the junior high students as they continue their faith journey through confirmation. They will be highly involved with the confirmation process by providing witnesses during meetings as well as coordinating and participating in 3 Festivals of Praises (FOP). Our vision is to have this group develop and facilitate the St. Sebastian confirmation retreat. We realize that our teens are very busy and can’t do this entire program, but with a large enough team we can work together to make this plan work! We are blessed to have so much talent in our youth and Peer Ministry allows for them to use their gifts while actively living out their own confirmation promises!

We will be traveling to the Steubenville Youth Conference again! Many of the teens felt that their faith life was transformed and changed! We plan to go again and will work on raising funds to make the trip affordable for all!

September Calendar for Senior High

Steubenville Fundraiser 

The youth group will be selling raffle tickets to earn money for their trip to the Steubenville Youth Conference in June.  They have partnered with the “VanDevere Cares Thrive and Drive” program and will keep 100% of the money collected for the raffle tickets sold.  Tickets are $10 each and you can win $2500 or a 2 year lease on a Kia Soul when the winner is drawn in November 2019.  The youth will be selling tickets at the May and June Donut Sundays!! 

Areas of Youth Ministry

Prayer and Worship, Masses, retreats, Advocacy, Justice, Peace, Faith-in-Action (service), Pastoral Care, Guidance, Community Life.

Adult volunteers are always needed!

For more information regarding Youth Ministries please contact Keith Johnson at 330-836-2233 or by email at