The St. Sebastian Parish Pastoral Council united lay people, clergy, and pastoral staff, in a community of prayer, leadership, service and pastoral planning.

Through their work with existing parish groups and formation of new groups as needed, the council's purpose is to promote the spiritual growth of the parish as well as foster the mission of the Church. 

Serving on Parish Council

Each year, four parishioners are elected to Parish Council for a three year term. Nominations are sought from parishioners, and, after Parish Council interviews the candidates, Council chooses four members to replace the four members who are rolling off. Council can only select four members even though there are many qualified candidates. Below is a brief explanation of Parish Council's role and how Council chooses members.

Parish Council serves as an advisory committee for Fr. Valencheck, providing him with feedback about the state of the parish. Each member is assigned specific ministries to contact on a monthly basis to get feedback about what their ministry is doing and what they might need.  Council also represents parishioners, bringing their concerns or questions to Fr. Valencheck and the rest of Council. This works best when the twelve members of Parish Council reflect the membership of the parish. For example, we try to have council members who attend the 4:30 PM (Saturday), and the 9:00 AM (Sunday), the 11:00 AM (Sunday), and the 1:00 PM (Sunday) Masses to ensure that all the Masses are represented. We also try to ensure that those from various stages of life are represented on Council and that we have a mix of men and women.  

Please know that we appreciate all who wish to join Parish Council. If you are not selected for membership this year, please know that many factors go into selecting new members, including ensuring that Council's membership reflects parish membership. If you are not selected this year, we encourage you to apply next year and also to get involved in other parish ministries. Please contact Parish Council if you wish to explore ministry opportunities at St. Sebastian or have any thoughts or concerns that you would like for them to communicate at the meetings.  Parishioners are able to attend Parish Council meetings with prior approval from the Council president.

Parish Council By-Laws

Meeting Minutes

Tiffany Kenny, Chair

Christina Mastromatteo, Vice President

Tracie D'Antonio, Secretary

Jack McLaughlin, At-Large Member

Ivan Ortiz, At-Large Member

Jennifer Kilker, At-Large Member

Natalie Griffin-Kinney, At-Large Member

Marcy Smith, At-Large Member

Matt Akers, At-Large-Member

Ed Pfeiffer, At-Large Member

Jennifer Sullivan, At-Large Member

Alex Mathis, At-Large-Member