FOR THOSE WHO NEED EXTRA SERVICES:  Here are some of the amenities at St. Sebastian Parish church for those who might wish to take advantage of them:

HANDICAP PARKING:  There are spaces at both north and south end of the church parking lot.

CHURCH ENTRANCES:  There are wheelchair accessible ramps at the front doors and the south east doors of the church off of the parking lot.  Both entrances have automatic doors.

SPECIAL SEATING:  For those who find it difficult to process for Communion, there are spaced pews available (a wheel chair can find a home here) in the front, far left of the seating area in the church.  Communion will be brought to this area if anyone is sitting there.

RESTROOM:  There is a handicap accessible restroom in the lobby of the church.

SOUND LOOP:  For those with hearing difficulties, the church has a sound loop that will broadcast directly to the coil in your hearing device.

HEARING ASSISTANCE:  For those with hearing difficulties who do not have a hearing aid or one set up with a coil, there are headsets in the usher’s room that are connected to our sound system.  Please ask an usher for one if you need it.

LOW GLUTEN:  If you need a low gluten host, please go to the sacristy at least five minutes before Mass and let the priest or sacristan know so that one can be consecrated for you.  The main celebrant of the Mass will have your host at Communion.