Renting Zwisler Hall

The renovation of Zwisler Hall has created a beautiful multi-use facility that is suited to a wide range of uses including parties, wedding receptions, theatrical presentations, reunions or business meetings. The hall provides a full kitchen for any catering or in-house food preparation need. Zwisler Hall is open to the public and can be reserved by any parishioner or non-parishioner.

The Hall features a state of the art commercial kitchen. At maximum capacity our hall can be set with 37 round tables seating 8 persons each, for a total of 296 seats. If rectangular tables are preferred the hall will hold 7 rows of 5 tables each for a total 280 seats. Recommended wedding setup is 32 round tables seating 256 without a dance floor, and 28 round tables seating 224 with a dance floor. If a performance or meeting using chairs alone is needed, our hall will hold 500 chairs.

Rental Hall Fees

As a parishioner of St. Sebastian, the rental fee is $500 for the first 100 people, with a fee of $5.00 per person for each additional.  As a non-parishioner, the rental fee is $500 for the first 50 people, with a fee of $10.00 per person for each additional person. 

After a date for an event is decided upon, a deposit of $250.00 is required to hold the date. This deposit is held and refunded after the event, as long as there has been no damage to the interior or exterior of the hall or kitchen, or your event is cancelled within 6 months of the event date.

The use of our portable bar is available as part of the rental fee, along with a member of the Z-Hall Team to help with planning the event and assistance at the event.

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Renting Forest Lodge

Please call our rectory office at 330-836-2233 for rental information

Frequently Asked Questions When Renting Zwisler Hall

Is liquor allowed?

Yes, liquor is allowed.  Additional insurance, security and fees are required and will be arranged by the event manager.  A liquor license may be required in certain situations.

Can you use the kitchen?  

Yes, you may use the kitchen for serving, prep and warming purposes at no charge. There is a fee if you are going to use the kitchen all day to cook and prepare food.

Do you have a catering service?

No, you must hire an outside caterer although recommendations can be made.

Can I bring in my own food? 

Yes, you may bring your own food but the kitchen must be left in the same condition as when you arrived. You must bring in your own utensils, cookware and serving pieces.

Is there an ice maker? 

Yes, and it is available for use.

Do you provide linens, centerpieces, tableware or barware? 

No you will need to rent these items or bring in your own.

What does clean-up entail? 

You will be required to remove all the trash, personal items and decorative items and clean-up the kitchen if it was used.