PSR helps to form children and adolescents who do not attend Catholic school, so that they might become knowledgeable and faithful disciples of Christ. 

Classes are open to children from 4 years of age to 8th grade and take place in the Parish School building on Sundays from 9:30am–10:45am. 

Praesidium Called to Protect

A program which helps children protect themselves against sexual abuse, is part of the religious education curriculum for the Diocese of Cleveland.  All children in PSR will have an opportunity to participate in this program. Catechists have been trained to teach this material and are excited to continue to empower children with the knowledge to help keep themselves safe. Consent to participate in the Praesidium program is included on the registration form.

All students are encouraged to know Jesus in a personal way. For students who do not attend a Catholic day school, St. Sebastian’s PSR Program allows them to grow in their faith. For additional questions regarding our program, please contact Cinnamon Chivers, PSR Principal at 330-836-9107, ext. 136 or by email,