The traditional EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship application windows for the 2024-2025 school year are open.

EdChoice Updates 

  • Universal Choice - all families eligible on a sliding scale (see the chart below)
  • Full award amounts increased 
    • K-8: $6,165
  • Expansion open to all families
  • Those who qualify for Traditional and Expansion can choose (i.e. can get the higher amount, if applicable)
  • School mission and values as well as strong academic and behavioral standards will be maintained (see the Admissions page on the school website)
  • Everyone should apply no matter your income level

Apply Today!

Full details on applying for the EdChoice Scholarship Program can be found on the Ohio Department of Education website.  

  1. Complete a Scholarship Request Form for EACH eligible student in grades K-8 who is enrolled in St. Sebastian Parish School.

  2. Gather supporting documents:

    1. Proof of Residency (see acceptable documents here): A current utility bill (gas, electric or water bills are best). No cell phone bills. If you do not have a utility bill in your name for some reason (this is not uncommon if you rent or live with another family member who owns the home), please contact Milissa Smith for additional support. 

    2. Birth Certificate: While we do have this on file and are happy to access this for you, if you are able to provide it for us along with your request form, we will be able to process your new student application much faster. 

  3. Submit the Request Form, as well as a copy of the student's birth certificate and current proof of residency to the school office for submission via the online application system. The school must enter each new student application for EdChoice on behalf of each student. Please email Diana McGee or drop off the completed request form and proof of residency to the school. At this point our first priority is getting your new student application into the system along with your supporting documents. Thank you! 

    The next steps toward finalizing approval for your award is listed below. 

  4. Complete the income verification process at or by completing this Income Verification Form. An OH|ID is required for online submission.  Learn more about creating an OH|ID here

    1. Parent Income Verification Tutorial

    2. EdChoice Income Verification Helpful Tips

  5. Finalize and send your Income Verification to ODE. Everyone applying has to do this - no matter your income status. 

  6. Say a prayer of gratitude! 

Note: The deadline to request scholarships for this academic year and receive the entire amount for which you qualify is October 14, 2024. Any application received after this date will be awarded at a pro-rated amount by the Department of Education and Workforce.

*Jon Peterson Families, no need to complete the EdChoice application, Milissa Smith will soon be in touch with more information. 

Angel Scholarship

Angel Scholarship funds will be used to cover siblings in Catholic schools, and unusual family circumstances and consider the best interest of the children of those who applied. The Angel Scholarship Application is located here: Angel Scholarship Application

Please send this to along with your other paper work or bring this to the school office. 

Assignment Zone Tool

We are happy to announce the 2024-2025 School Assignment Area Tool for EdChoice Designated Schools. This tool was prepared to help families understand the school assignment area for EdChoice designated buildings in their public school district. The tool is for potential eligibility purposes only. 

Note: The Traditional EdChoice Scholarship is only available to students entering grades K-6 who would be assigned to EdChoice public school buildings. Students in grades 7 and 8 who would be assigned to an underperforming public school will unfortunately not qualify for the Traditional and instead must apply for the Expansion only. 

Traditional EdChoice Fact Sheet

Expansion EdChoice Fact Sheet