Adam & Karen Boyer

Tiger Kids Kung Fu

The story of Victory Defense Systems begins when Karen and Adam met one another at The University of Akron, where they earned Bachelors Degrees in Health Education and Biology, respectively. They both began training in Kung Fu in 1998 and after a year of training, they concentrated their efforts in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, a modern, close range type of Kung Fu (the style practiced by Bruce Lee).

Like many of their students, training Wing Chun was a pivotal point in their lives; it lead to Karen getting her personal training certification and teaching Kung Fu full time by 2005 and it helped Adam stay focused on what matters through career changes and challenges. Benefiting so much from their training, Karen and Adam started Victory Defense Systems in 2005 with a focus on making Kung Fu more accessible and fitting the needs of today’s students.

Combining their professional backgrounds of: education and biology degrees, personal and group instructor training, scientific quality systems certification, analytical research, rich martial arts experiences and participating in continuing education; they have created a new and exciting spin on Kung Fu training that is fun, relevant and challenging.The motto of Victory Defense Systems, “Timeless Traditions, Modern Methods” sums up their focus of teaching the discipline of Kung Fu while making it practical for today’s times.

Since the founding of Victory Defense Systems in 2005, Karen and Adam have proven their concept through; hundreds of changed lives, running success yearly camps and having multiple locations where they teach. They invite you to join them in learning the life changing skills of Kung Fu.