Welcome New Teachers and School Advisory Committee Members

Aug 12, 2019

We are pleased to welcome four new teachers to our school: Robert Dedinsky (sixth grade), Christina Friedl (fifth grade), Debra Landis (seventh grade) and Olivia Wilde (first grade).

We will include short biographies of each of our new teachers in the next Brick Lot Bulletin and on our faculty page soon. I hope you will extend a warm welcome to these new teachers and keep all of the faculty and staff in your prayers as we prepare for another year of academic exploration and faith formation.

At the end of last year, the year School Advisory Committee (SAC) welcomed three new members: school parents Ana Borges, Carrie Rea, and Tricia Rothkopf. I look forward to working with them over their three-year term. The returning SAC members are Robert Brownfield (STVM teacher), Lois Gerstenmaier (alumni parent, Foundation board member), Alexis Rizopulos (current parent), Richard Roberts (parishioner, retired Akron Public Schools educator and administrator), Linda Saliga (alumni parent and University of Akron math professor) and Jennifer Smee (St. Sebastian teacher).

Thank you to all of these volunteers who give of their time to serve as advisers to the school administration. Parents may contact any member of the committee to provide feedback on the school or to ask questions. Email may be directed to sac@students.stsebastian.