Weekly Letter from Fr. Valencheck

Nov 26, 2019


Starting this weekend we will bring out the purple vestments. It is Advent, the Cinderella of seasons pushed aside by her more boisterous sister seasons. Forgotten, her time trampled on to help serve the popularity of the others, she sits quietly and with secret joy waiting for her Savior to come. Invite this lonely season to your home this year. Have an Advent wreath or calendar, perhaps look up special family prayers on line, consider coming to the Advent organ and Adoration times at the parish and maybe getting to confession. A great experience with Advent can only add to the joy of Christmas.


ADORATION AND ORGAN CONCERT:  Every Tuesday in Advent there is a noon organ recital during Adoration. This week, on December 3rd, Angela Kovacs will be at our organ’s console to help put you in the spirit of Advent adoration.

POSITION AT ST. SEBASTIAN:  We have recently opened the position of Administrative Assistant at St. Sebastian. For more information, please contact Kevin Audin 330-836-2233.

LETTER TO YOU:  “From the Missionary who visited your parish, I want to express thanks. I want to thank you as well (as) your parish staff who received and attended to the visiting Missionary. The generosity of your parishioners demonstrates the great interest of the people of the Diocese of Cleveland in the Missions of the world.

“May God bless you and your parishioners for all that you do through your gifts and prayers for the Missions.Most gratefully in the Lord, Rev. Stephen Vellenga”

PARISH LIBRARY:  The McDonough Resource Library and meeting space is moving to the south east area of the church building that will be more fitting for meeting space. The former location, the room that was previously the baptismal chapel, is being reclaimed as a sacred space for prayer, seasonal displays, and, when needed, a room for confession, particularly for persons who need to come to confession in a wheelchair. The resources to cover the cost is being borne by generous parishioners. Thank you so much!

WEDDINGS:  One thing I hear from time to time is that some people don’t want that whole “Church wedding thing” because it is so expensive and involves so much fuss. It doesn’t have to be! When it is, that is the choice of those who are getting married to invite half of the city and choose every option. For those wanting something quieter, it can be done on a tiny scale and at no cost. Please do not let “having to do the whole Church thing” keep you from getting married in the Church. Find out what your options are.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck