Weekly Letter from Fr. Valencheck

Nov 14, 2019


Perhaps you noticed that the stained glass rose window in Zwisler Hall is missing. The 90 year old wood frame was rotting so badly that a finger could be punched through it. So the glass was removed and soon the frame will be removed also. We are having a new frame built and the renovated window should be back in place before the end of this calendar year.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the school building. Children began classes there on November 1st after beginning the year in their temporary home in the Knights of Columbus building on Market Street, and the first Mass was said in what was the church (now Zwisler Hall) on Thanksgiving day 1929. The rose window was originally in the rear wall of Zwisler Hall which was the sanctuary. Evidence of this is the large, bricked in circle on the outside of the building.  The window was moved to the side wall during the renovation that transformed the former church into the hall as we know it today.


YOUNG ADULT CATHOLIC MEN WANTED: Are you looking for a supportive, Catholic community of men in Akron? St. Irene House is opening in late November and there are still a few spots open. Live with fellow Catholic men in a community whose goal is to build each other up in Christian brotherhood. If you have any questions about the St. Irene House, or think you might be interested in applying, contact Aaron at irene.house@stsebastian.org.

PIANO TEACHERS WANTED:  Instructors are needed for afternoon and evening lessons for adults and children at the St. Sebastian Academy of Culture and Arts. For more information contact Mr. Scott Mason at masonmusic2@gmail.com.

THEOLOGY ON THE ROCKS:  Sr. Lourdes of the Holy Eucharist, a Mercedarian Sister will be speaking at TOR on Monday at Tangiers. Doors open at 7:00 and the talk at 7:30. Sister will be speaking on, “A Call to Family.” The sisters will be having a women’s vocation dinner at St. Sebastian before hand so please keep them and all considering a Church vocation in your prayers.

MUSICAL NOTES:  Mr. Brooke Benedict, a seminarian studying at our seminary, will be performing on our organ along with a brass ensemble on Sunday, November 24th at 4:00pm. This would be a great concert to introduce children to the organ, as well as supporting a young man studying for the priesthood.

AT YOUR PARISH:  St. Sebastian has been gaining a reputation for high quality music provided affordably or free in a beautiful space. Because of this we are happy to report the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and Chamber Ensemble have signed up to be on our calendar this spring. This concert is not in our Musical Arts brochure so be sure to keep an eye out for it. Arguably from among the finest musical organization in the world, indeed this is a rare opportunity for a parish. Congratulations to Lynn Steward on her hard work that brought the program to this point.

Last week’s concert was so well attended that they ran out of programs. It was spectacular and I am happy that, not only did so many of you get to hear it, but many visitors from all over came to enjoy the music and St. Sebastian church. Half of the money given in the free will offering that night went to the Battered Women’s Shelter by request of the organization.

One of the goals of the Musical Arts Concert Series is to provide great and affordable music, supported by this Christian community to help promote all that is good, true and beautiful in our culture.

WELCOME NEW PARISHIONERS!  There is a Welcome Reception in Zwisler Hall from noon to 1 o’clock this Sunday. All are invited to attend.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck