Weekly Letter from Father

Nov 21, 2019


Ninety years ago this Thanksgiving was the first Mass in the original church. From the founding of the parish 91 years ago until that day, Mass was held in the gym at Rankin Elementary School. The pictures on the front of the bulletin from the Helmkamp family were taken in early August of 1929 and are the only pictures we have of our buildings under construction. Notes written on the back of the pictures (showing his humor) said, “Note: caps on column at side of door are not according to drawing. A moment after this picture was taken the photographer was viciously stabbed in the neck by Amos. Alias Amosquito” On the other picture was written, “Chased off a flock of pheasants in the foreground of this picture, two old ones and about 7 or 8 half grown ones. The ladder is mute evidence of the furious speed of Rastus the carrier. He set up the ladder and went after some ‘mud.’ By the time he got back the wall was twenty feet higher.”

We have so much for which to be thankful this year! Mass this Thanksgiving will be at 9:00am. This is one of my favorite Masses of the year - not because we do anything particularly special but that those who come have a deep desire to thank God for all of the many blessing that we have been given. I look forward to seeing you there!


OFFICES CLOSED:  The parish offices will be closed on Thanksgiving and the following Friday.

CONCERT:  Mr. Brook Benedict, who is studying at our seminary, will be giving an organ recital along with a brass ensemble this Sunday at 4:00. This is a great one to bring your children to so they can appreciate great music and learn how to attend a concert. It is free and open to the public. Come support a seminarian!

TOT:  Theology on Tap is looking for help to keep it running. This highly successful program needs people to help set up, find speakers and advertise. Please contact Mr. Rocco Galizio at: roccogalizio@gmail.com.

INSTILLING CATHOLIC CUTURE IN YOUR CHILD:  Here are some suggestions for you to do with your children to help foster our Catholic practices and culture in the church outside of Mass.

Of course there is visiting Our Eucharistic Lord. The church is open most days and the Eucharist is exposed on our altar all day on Tuesday. Especially if your child has a concern, he or she could be encouraged to bring what is on his or her heart to Jesus for a short spell to pray about it with you. It is also an ideal time to talk about how the Eucharist is Jesus present here to us in a most privileged way.

The lighting of a candle in prayer is also a great practice to pass on.

By the St. Patrick statue (at the south east entrance) there is an intention book. Here is a place to request the prayers of the parish for your intention. There is also a book for recording prayers that have been answered.

An offer of a ride to go to confession if a child is feeling poorly about something he or she has done is great practice. There are confessions on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Visiting the various shrines (and windows) in the church and learning about the saints is a great way to pass on the faith.

Discover the holy water fount (south west entrance) where holy water can be obtained for home blessings.

Find the poor box, make a donation, and explain how it helps the poorest of the poor in our community. Empower them to be able to do something for the poor they see around town.

There are seasonal practices in which to participate. For example, in November there are registries around the Church in which to inscribe the names of loved ones who have died. In December, a visit and prayer can be made at the manger scene or participate in the giving tree. In January for our feast day, paintings of St. Sebastian are brought into the church and usually there is some sort of display to visit.

I hope this list is useful and perhaps an enjoyable way for you and your child to bond in faith while handing on our Catholic heritage.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck