Staff and Students Participate in FRIENDZY Program

Aug 06, 2020

Our students both in school and those learning virtually kicked off the Friendzy program last week.  This social and emotional character development program teaches students life skills to help them build strong healthy friendships. Through conversation cards, skits, doodles, fun activities and parent support, students will learn to recognize and manage emotions, become better decision makers, behave responsibly and most importantly recognize and avoid negative behaviors.

The first Friendzy unit, which students will focus on over the next few weeks is titled, We Need Each Other. This is the key verse for this unit along with the biblical verse, “The Lord God said, `It is not good for man to be alone.” The goal for this unit is to create a culture of building up each other instead of tearing each other down. Students will be encouraged to use kind words and actions to build each other up instead of negative words that can bring someone down. Most importantly, they will learn that we need each other to reach our full potential. When we are filled with hope we can support others and that we are stronger together.

Each week, students will take time out of their schedules to explore the different units in the Friendzy program. Our hope is that what these children learn about themselves, their classmates and their school will help them be successful in their lives.