School Wins Edison Award for Excellence in STEM Education

Sep 08, 2020

St. Sebastian School Receives Governor Thomas Edison Award for Second Year

For the second year in a row, St. Sebastian Parish School and 20 members from its teaching staff were awarded The Governor’s Thomas Edison Awards for Excellence in STEM Education and Student Research for their accomplishments during the 2019-2020 school year. Only 37 schools in the State of Ohio achieved this distinction with the selection being done by The Ohio Academy of Science. Teachers at the school receiving individual recognition were Michelle Antochow, Jennifer Bradley, Robert Dedinsky, Kristin Dekatch, Autumn Gaskins, Christina Friedl, Mary Heffern, Betty Indriolo, Molly Karg, Debra Landis, Scott Mason, Margaret Myers, Anne Riede, Megan Ritchie, Al Rose, Carolyn Schmidlin, Jennifer Slegus, Jennifer Smee, Sue Vernon and Olivia Wilde.

The criteria for receiving this award was extensive and involved student involvement in many activities in and outside the parish school such as Science Olympiad, visits to museums, structured youth STEM activities as well as students qualifying for district science days. The Ohio Academy of Science defines STEM education as the incorporation of scientific inquiry and technological design through student-focused, project-based curricula to develop skills of communication, teamwork/collaboration, creativity/innovation, critical thinking and problem solving. The parish school received its first STEM designation from the State of Ohio in the spring of 2017 and opened its Innovation Lab to support STEM projects at the school in August 2017.

 Row 1(l to r): Michelle Antochow, Jennifer Slegus, Jennifer Smee, Kristin DeKatch, Jennifer Bradley, Olivia Wilde; Row 2 (l to r): Autumn Gaskins, Mary Heffern, Molly Karg; Row 3 (l to r): Megan Ritchie, Anne Riede, Sue Vernon; Row 4 (l to r): Debra Landis, Christina Friedl, Robert Dedinksky, Scott Mason, Allyn Rose; Missing: Carolyn Schmidlin, Margaret Myers, Betty Indriolo