Mull Avenue Construction

Mar 16, 2023


According to what we have been told, there should be no changes for you when you come to weekend Masses except that the Triangle (Elmdale Park) is now a mountain of construction material and unavailable for parking. All signs should allow for local traffic and parking on both sides of Mull Avenue for weekend Masses. This should be the case through Easter Sunday.

The problem may be, as I figured out finally on Tuesday morning, that there is no one to remove the ROAD CLOSED sign off of the circle. Later on Tuesday, we received an apology email from the City. (Around 7:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning I practiced civil disobedience and moved the signs aside.) They said that they will make sure this is corrected in the future. If you should approach that sign and find the road blocked, circle around and come to the parish from Elmdale.

Just keep saying with me, “Six months from now we will be SO happy that this was done!” I thank you for your patience and understanding. We are all in this together and figuring it out so let’s pull together and see our way through. If you are young and strong, consider passing up that close parking spot for someone who may need it a little more. If you can, leave for Mass a couple of minutes early so that you can figure out what is going on if need be. Remember that there is PLENTY of parking in the brick parking lot and it is not that long of a walk. Besides, when it is Donut Sunday, you will be closer to the donuts!

If you have any concerns (or ideas about how to better handle the situation), please give a call and in the meantime, be strong! Be brave and carry on!