Father's Weekly Letter

Feb 13, 2020


This weekend, Sunday, February 16th, at 7:00pm in our church, Fr. Jacques Philippe will be speaking! “With over one million copies sold in 24 languages, Jacques Philippe’s writings on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become classics of modern Catholic spirituality.” This is a rare chance to hear Fr. Philippe speak live and to have an opportunity to meet him and purchase his books immediately following in Zwisler Hall. Thank you to everybody who helped make his visit here possible.


NEW WALKWAY:  Parish Council made mention of the danger of students and others running or walking in the street around Schneider Park, particularly when the fields are wet. This concern was brought to our meeting with the city recently and this note came in my email inbox the other day, “I can confirm that we will be placing the walking path around Schneider Park in the city's 5-year capital budget, and will work diligently toward finding a way to construct it.” Thank you Jason and God bless.

SPECTACULAR!  We are one week away from this exciting event. Tickets are still on sale! I hope to see you there.

SAINTS AMONG US:  Elizabeth Akers wanted to know whose relics we have in our altar. Unfortunately, that information disappeared some time ago when much of the parish’s non-essential archives disappeared. I told her she could contact the Diocesan Archives to find out and she did! Now we know once again which saint’s relics are in our altars. There are two saints. The first is St Donatus. Information about him varies but here is a tidbit that I found: 

When the Goths were ravaging Italy, and many were renouncing the faith, Saint Donatus went to the prefect Quadracianus, and rebuked him for his apostasy. At this the prefect seized him and commanded him to sacrifice to Jupiter. When he refused, Donatus was imprisoned, and then beheaded. The martyrdom took place in Arezzo about the year of the Lord 380, about 100 years after St. Sebastian.

The other relic is of St. Pope Innocent who emphasized papal supremacy and caused St. Augustine to make a remark that was to echo through the centuries: "Roma locuta, causa finitas" (Rome has spoken, the matter is ended). He strongly favored clerical celibacy and fought the unjust removal of St. John Chrysostom. He vainly sought help from Emperor Honorius at Ravenna when the Goths captured and sacked Rome.

ST. MATTHEW SCHOOL:  If you have not already heard, St. Matthew School in Ellet will be closing at the end of this school year due to declining enrollment. We have been doing our best to welcome the students and families to our school for those who wish to continue their Catholic education. Please pray for the people of St. Matthew.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck