Father's Weekly Letter

Jan 30, 2020


There are two modes of communication that are quicker than the Internet. The first is the brick parking lot, the second is among the presbyterate. That being said, we (including the bishop, I believe) were as taken by surprise by the transfer of our Bishop, Nelson Perez, as you probably were. I greatly appreciated what Bishop Perez brought to this diocese and am disappointed that he has been asked to move on.

As of the deadline for this writing, there have been woefully few rumors (more hopes and speculations) as to who the new bishop might be. And how this will effect Confirmation, we do not yet know. (Will another bishop come? Will the pastors be delegated?) As we find out more, so shall you. In the meantime, please offer a prayer for Bishop Perez and the Diocese of Philadelphia, for our diocese of course and for whomever it is that shall soon be our new bishop.


CATHOLIC CHARITIES:  Next weekend, all parishes in the diocese will be having their annual Catholic Charities campaign.

CONCERT:  This Sunday, February 2nd at 4:00pm in Zwisler Hall will be the Akron Symphony Gospel Choir. Coffee, tea and pastries will be served.

EVENTS:  Here are some other cherry picked events to keep in mind:

1 February - Night at the Races

12 February - Theology on Tap

16 February - Fr. Jaques Phillipe in the church

17 February - Theology on the Rocks with Fr. Simone

21 February - Men’s Euchre Night (7:30) Contact Tim Sullivan 330-603-7897

March 22-24th - Parish Mission “Revive Us!” with Mr. Keith Johnson

1.928:  You might have noticed that most of the candles from our side chapels are missing. They are being replaced through the generosity of a parishioner. These candlesticks and the brass ones on either side of the altar were made specifically for St. Sebastian Parish. Unfortunately, there are not enough of them to have at all of the side chapels. So a few extras are being made for us. But do you want to know what is cool? When the width of the top crown was measured, it was exactly 1.928 inches. What is so interesting about that? The parish was founded in 1928!

ST. SEBASTIAN PARISH IN THE COMMUNITY:  This parish has given birth to other institutions around town. Some are more closely connected such as the Academy of Culture and Arts and St. Irene House. We’ve also joined with others to help open the Julie Billiart School, Akron, and the Loyola Retreat House. We’ve joined with other Akron parishes and institutions to start Nazareth Housing, Christ Child Society and the Peter Maurin Center.

On St. Sebastian Day weekend, it was St. Sebastian Parish’s “turn” to man the Peter Maurin Center. Our volunteers helped serve 100 very cold and hungry Akronites. Volunteers helped provide, cook and serve the food. Our first graders baked cookies and provided artwork for the guests who were there. The dinner had some of the fried chicken that we ordered for our St. Sebastian Day Pot Luck Dinner. Wow. They are always looking for more volunteers. Call Bruce Eitman at 330-422-8008.

VACATION:  I will be taking my annual vacation starting this Monday and will return early the following week.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck