Father's Weekly Letter

Jan 23, 2020


CAN YOU GUESS: what school in the Diocese of Cleveland received:

The MOST placement scholarships at St. Vincent St. Mary-High School and has done so consistently for the past several years?

The MOST placement scholarships for Archbishop Hoban High School this year including one of only two prestigious Father Moreau Scholarships?

That had SEVEN 8th grade students received merit scholarships at Walsh Jesuit High School for scoring in the top 10% nationally on the high school placement test?

Who had TWO 8th grade girls receive scholarships to Our Lady of the Elms High School?

Whose students’ scores indicated High Achievement and High Growth in all four subjects tested (math, reading, language usage, and science), which is not only an improvement from last year, but also a benchmark that not very many schools in the diocese could match. Which out of all the schools in the diocese, averaged in the top eight overall scores for math, top 10 overall in language usage, and top 15 overall for reading and tied for the highest achievement in science?

And of just the recent awards it has received, whose 8th grade Power of the Pen team took first place out of 22 teams at the recent district tournament?

Which had five students receive superior awards at the recent Model UN competition at St. V-M High School including the prestigious Gavel Award (out of 56 competing delegates)

And whose school did this while centering on God and the Eucharist, practicing charity and learning what it is to be Christian ladies and gentlemen?

If you guessed St. Sebastian Parish School which is celebrating Pride, Tradition and Achievement in service to God for 90 years, you would be right! Congratulations to our students, thank you to a marvelous faculty and staff, and to everybody who supports and volunteers to make St. Sebastian Parish School a Catholic institution in which we can take great pride.


BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  St. Sebastian Parish will be honored this year for its work in helping to open the first ever expansion of the Julie Billiart School, Akron, a Catholic school for children with learning challenges. The event will take place later this year at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland.  More details to follow.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK:  This is Catholic schools week. There is an open house for our parish school this Sunday from 11:00am to 1:00pm and the Good News! Book Fair will be from Sunday, January 26th, through Thursday, January 30th, in Zwisler Hall. Please pray for our parish school!

CONCERT SUNDAY: We will have a Coffee House Concert featuring the Akron Symphony Gospel Choir on Sunday, February 2nd, at 4:00pm in Zwisler Hall.

NIGHT AT THE RACES:  It’s coming around the bend on February 1st! Ticket windows are currently open! Also keep your eyes peeled for our Spectacular on February 22nd.

RIGHT TO LIFE: This year you gave $1857.00 during our Right to Life signature campaign, which is the highest donation amount in the Campaign's 28 years! All of your donations will be used to connect women with agencies that provide counseling, material resources, and access to a free-ultrasound.  Thank you.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck