Father's Bulletin Letter 9.25.22

Sep 26, 2022


At Monday morning Mass I asked those who braved the thunderstorm to come to church if it they would consider moving our morning, 8am Mass to 7:30am. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a very strong reaction either way.

Moving the Mass to 7:30am has been a perpetual request for years among those who have children in the school, especially those who have students that desire to serve at the altar. Not only do they miss one of the most important academic hours of the day
while they serve, there is also the clean up after Mass, walking back to the school and such.

Interestingly, I have been asking the students how they would feel about moving the Mass. I expected them to defend the schedule and enjoy the time out of the classroom, but almost unanimously they said that it would make life easier. Color me surprised.

Here is your opportunity to have a say. Send me a note or talk to someone on Parish Pastoral Council or call Cathy Sivec in the
rectory office. If, and it is an if, moving the Mass would not cause too much hardship, it would begin in Advent (the beginning of the
new liturgical year) and be reevaluated at the end of the academic year. Holiday Mass times would remain unaffected.

There are a number of things about which we receive many compliments as a parish and among the more consistent concerns our are servers. Thank you for all that you do. We are looking into this because you are so awesome.


WORK AROUND ST. SEBASTIAN SQUARE: This letter is written to you on Monday and later in the week there will be a couple of meetings concerning some of the projects going on around our neighborhood. On Tuesday the 20th there will be a meeting about Mull Avenue and on Wednesday the 21st the groundbreaking on the Perkins property. For more information about these projects, see this week’s Angelus Letter which came out on Thursday.

If you do not receive the Angelus letter and wish to, please contact Cathy Sivec at the Rectory office.

SEMINARIAN UPDATES: I’ve heard from Charlie Bulger whose name is now followed up with the initials NSJ, which means that he
is a novice in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits.) So far, he seems happy and things are going well out in the Twin Cities. On Friday the 23rd, the rectory will be full! Joe Ho called and asked if he and others from the seminary could come to have dinner and spend the night at the rectory so that they could run the Akron Marathon this Saturday. It will be fun having them here. There are a couple of faces you may see around the parish -- men seriously considering the priesthood and a few women considering consecrated lives in the church. It is so awe inspiring that they will at least explore the possibility. Thank you! Please keep all of these amazing people in your prayers.

PRESBYTERAL CONVOCATION: Our Bishop wants all of his priests to join him for a couple of days to talk about the future of the diocese. This will take place October 4th through the 7th. That leaves parishes without their priest for morning Mass the 5th through the 7th. Fr. Marty Miller will have Mass for us on Thursday the 6th. Currently the plan for us is to have a seminarian hold a
Word and Communion Service for us on the 5th and the 7th. (If that changes, I will let you know.) St. Paul on Brown Street has secured the services of the priest from Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church to say Mass at St. Paul for their 8:30am Mass if you would like to attend.

COMMUNITY DINNER: If you see this in time, don’t forget that there is a Parish Potluck Dinner this Saturday following the 4:30pm
Mass! See last week’s bulletin for details or call Cathy Sivec in the office at (330) 836-2233.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck