Father's Bulletin Letter 9.19.21

Sep 16, 2021


This Sunday is Catechetical Sunday, the day on which we honor and pray for those who take on the ministry of passing on the faith to others. On this day we pray for, in particular, all those who teach in our Parish School of Religion and our day school. What a blessing to have such men and women among us willing to pass along, not just information, but the key to eternal life. And if we have eternal life, we have everything in eternity and courage, hope and greater freedom in this life. God bless all of you.

Catechetical Sunday isn’t just about “official” catechists. Every Christian is called to pass on the faith, first and foremost in the domestic Church: the home. At each child’s baptism this prayer is said over the parents, “They will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of the faith. May they also be the best of teachers in bearing witness to the faith by what they say and do, in Christ Jesus our Lord.” On this day, pray for the entirety of our parish that we may fulfill our mission to bringing life, hope and direction to others.


EUCHARISTIC DEVOTIONS: Thank you to everyone who helped bring graces to our parish community by participating in our Annual Eucharistic Devotions! This is such an awesome parish. You always come through no matter what we undertake. This letter is being written to you on Monday and early in the morning between 2:30 and 3:00am I made a visit over to the Blessed Sacrament and saw a dozen people praying in our church. How awesome is that? What a wonderful blessing that is. God bless you all. Of course, the opportunity to visit our Eucharistic Lord continues throughout the year. Every Tuesday we have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament ending with Compline (Night Prayer) and benediction at 7:40pm Also, our church is open during the day for prayer for you to stop in and spend some time with Our Lord.

AIR CONDITIONING: We have had delays due to both the supply line and the workforce for our new air conditioning. Now that the worst of the summer heat is finished, all of the parts are in and they are ready to install. However, that means shutting down our system until it is fully installed and so Mike Zimmerman, our facilities manager, has opted to wait a couple of more weeks until we are out of any hot weather. We nursed our system through the brutal August heat, so he feels we can make it limp through September. Then, when we won’t need to bring in auxiliary air conditioning, our new system will be installed for our enjoyment next summer!

ALONG THOSE LINES: For similar reasons, roof repair work on the church and Byrider (both covered by insurance) has been delayed and we expect to see progress there soon. Those in Byrider may experience some inconveniences when work begins but you should be notified in advance.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck