Father's Bulletin Letter 9.17.23

Sep 13, 2023


Every week of the year, a parish in the Diocese of Cleveland is assigned to have Eucharistic Devotions so that Our Lord is constantly reverenced in every corner of the diocese year-round. This week is our turn! Starting Sunday following the 11am Mass, we will begin our Annual Eucharistic Devotions!

Our Lord will be exposed on our altar continually from noon Sunday through our closing ceremonies Tuesday night. This means that we need at least two people (if not more!) to be present in the church 24 hours a day to be with our Eucharistic Lord. If you have not already done so and you are able to be of assistance in this effort, please sign up to claim an hour of prayer (or more) on the sign-up sheets located on the altar rail near the Blessed Virgin Mary statue.

Even if there are already a couple of names for the hour(s) you want to be present, sign up anyway! Things happen and it would be better to have more people signed up for a particular hour rather than “just enough.” If you can, consider taking the more difficult hours to fill which include those around dinner time and early morning hours.

At 7pm on Sunday and Monday there will be prayers of adoration that will last about twenty minutes. On Tuesday night there will be our closing prayers also beginning at 7pm but will last a little longer. Because of our closing of 40 hours, there will be no confessions on Tuesday Night.

The schedule is below:


  • Opening of 40 Hours beginning after the 11am Mass
  • 1pm Pause in adoration during Mass
  •  7pm Prayer


  • 8 am Mass
  • 7 pm Prayer


  • 8:05 am Mass (All School)

We are so very blessed and have so much for which we can be grateful. One of the great ways the Church gives us to show our appreciation is to be able to spend time before Our Lord in praise and thanksgiving. Even if you can only make it for a brief moment, your investment of time with the Lord will be well spent. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your participation.


THEOLOGY ON THE ROCKS: It was realized too late that we had accidentally scheduled TOR during Eucharistic Devotions week. That being the case, it was decided to march ahead with it anyway. TOR will be this coming Monday night with the Rev. Louis Thomas from St. Andrew Parish in Norton. See elsewhere in the bulletin for details.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck