Father's Bulletin Letter 9.11.22

Sep 08, 2022


Have you been looking for something different to do, a small adventure -- a moment to get away from it all, time to think or pray, or just be without interruption? Then this is your opportunity. From Sunday following the 11am Mass though Tuesday until the closing ceremonies that begin at 7pm, we have our Annual Eucharistic Devotions. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed on our altar around the clock and you are invited to come spend some time with Him. Have you ever tried to take a break from a busy day, or round up the day’s activities in the evening, or come into the church in the peacefulness of the wee early hours of the morning to see what it is like?

Please consider taking some time and visiting Our Lord on the altar at your parish. Check in, let Him know that He is important to you, thank Him for the blessings that He bestows on you and your parish and give Him glory for His beauty and power and that He chose you to be close to Him.

Most traditionally a holy hour is practiced. Decide on an hour (It doesn’t have to be from the top of the hour) to spend with Our Lord
in this privileged presence on earth. If you can’t do an hour, do part of one. Or come a couple of times for five minutes. As you drive by, He can be seen through our glass doors on the altar. Make a sign of reverence as you drive down Mull Avenue. In any event,
afford yourself the opportunity to be part of this concentrated effort to pay homage to this most important center of the life of our parish, this Divine Person around Whom we gather, Who nourishes us in mind, body and soul, Who is ever loyal and present and Who loves you.

If you are nervous about spending an hour in silence in church, prepare for your visit. There should be at least some quiet time when you just sit with Him and be as you would with anyone you love. Perhaps have some things to discuss with Him, going over those things for which you are grateful, entrusting Him with your concerns, asking for the assistance that you need to be closer to Him.

There is the rosary, one can journal, read the Scriptures for the upcoming week and see how He might inspire you through them, bring a book about sacred things, kneel, stand, sit, lie prostrate, walk the Stations of the Cross. Go online and look up “How to make a Holy Hour” for more ideas. And do not be disappointed if the hour of silence makes you anxious, it is probably doing you more good, if that is the case, than you know.


EUCHARISTIC PRAYER AT 7PM: Sunday through Tuesday there will be Community Prayer at 7pm in the church during Eucharistic Devotions.

THE REV. BARRY GEARING ON TUESDAY NIGHT: Fr. Gearing, the pastor of St. John Newman Parish, will be giving a homily to
conclude our Eucharistic Devotions on Tuesday night as 7pm.

NO TUESDAY CONFESSIONS: Please be aware that there will not be confession on this Tuesday night due to our closing ceremonies for Eucharistic Devotions.

PSR: Welcome back to our Parish School of Religion students, catechists and volunteers! Many blessings to you as we begin our new year of formation in the faith. Many blessings on all of you!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck