Father's Bulletin Letter 8.7.22

Aug 04, 2022


There is quite a bit of work going on around St. Sebastian Square. There is the inevitable summer painting, repairing and upgrading in the school building. On top of that, all of the hallway floors in the school are being replaced. They did not look as good as they ought and since they were under warranty, we were able to have them redone.

This past week the Byrider parking lot was sealed and striped. The brick parking lot was striped for the new school season. Work has also been going on with the floors, walls and other aspects of the main hallway of Byrider Hall. It is going to look so much better! Further, new concrete will be laid at the entrance of Byrider next week to make it look better and more welcoming.

Estimates are coming in right now about replacing the brick drives to the school and rectory. In some areas they are becoming dangerous to walk on. Since these are heavily treaded areas especially during concerts, events and school, it seems a priority to make them safe once again. We are trying to take advantage of the Mull Avenue work and have these drives done while all the workers and equipment are already here. If you have a brick project in mind for your home, start planning now! When the bricks are torn up, there will be a very limited amount of time to pick some out for yourself before they are hauled away.

I already reported to you earlier that the church roof will be replaced soon. Once this is finished, all the plaster work inside will be repaired.

There are a couple of other projects that are in the dream stage at the moment. One I will bring to your attention now because it will require your approval and extra effort. I want to build a school gym on our side of Hawkins Avenue. One of our great priorities after practicing the faith is the safety of our children. As West Akron continues to become busier, this seems an essential step for the future of our students and the school. More details will be coming, but I wanted you to become aware of this as I discover that many of you feel the same way.

Byrider would still remain part of the campus and the gym would continue to be used for rentals, CYO, and evening practices when crossing the street is not an issue. And since the building would no longer have students in it during the day, the building, particularly the meeting rooms, would be able to be used once again by the greater parish. More news to come.


PERKINS:  Last we were told, work would begin on the Perkins property in March. Obviously, that did not happen and the property has been looking a little shabby. The latest report is that there will be a ground-breaking ceremony on September 21, at 11:00am. I have been invited to offer a prayer and blessing on the project.

FR. BOZEK:  Just a reminder that Father is away until August 27.

THANK YOU:  I think that the first Summer Festival was a success! Great job! Thank you to the organizers, the volunteers and all who came and participated. At first, I thought it was a questionable idea to have it the same day as the ballet, but that turned out to be a boon! Maybe it should be like that every year?

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck