Father's Bulletin Letter 8.29.31

Aug 26, 2021


Next weekend, September 5th, will be our final Sunday Summer 7:00am Mass for the season. Thank you to everyone who helped make this Mass possible.

Also, remember that the Thursday morning Mass has been permanently moved to 8:00am. Now all of our weekday Masses will be at the same time making our schedule much easier to follow.


PARISH SCHOOL:  This past week our students returned to the classroom like the swallows to Capistrano. Our school, which has been noted in the eight counties of the diocese for high growth and high achievement, has grown significantly as we enter the new school year. Preschool is at capacity and, as they say in the school office, the phone does not stop ringing. Please note this if you have a child you are considering sending to the school next year, register early!

I continue to be impressed with the building that Monsignor Zwisler and the founding members of our parish built. It continues not only to be a solid and beautiful building, but still functions fantastically in these modern times. Our parish crews have helped her put on her best face over the summer, there were constant updates for safety, and technology continues to move forward.

Mr. Rohr and his faculty make it a point to stress our Catholicity. Fr. Morris has been commenting that he is looking forward to seeing the students, teaching in the classroom and celebrating the sacraments with them. I am somewhat sad that the school Masses will not be on the general Mass calendar. I have always been so incredibly proud of the way our students behave and participate at Mass. I want more people to be witnesses of our fine Ladies and Gentlemen. The reason for the move is safety. It is not entirely due to COVID, but that did help us move in that direction last year. For a number of years, it was thought that it would be safer for our students to have their own Mass as is the case in many parishes so we can better regulate who comes into the building at that time.

As COVID threatens something of a return, passions are rising on all sides on the matter. No doubt there will be mandate demands by the state, forceful suggestion by the diocese and passionate beliefs by concerned parents. We make no decisions (when they are indeed even within our purview to make them) lightly. We pledge ourselves to do our best to get the ship through the predicted storm. Our goal is to maintain the Catholicity of the school, the safety of students, faculty and all persons associated with the school and to maintain our high academic record and reputation. Please pray for the school and its administration that it may continue to make proper choices in these regards.

RCIA:  The Right of Christian Initiation for Adults classes are for those who are interested in the Catholic Church. It does not necessarily mean that a person is definitely going to be Catholic for it can also be a forum for seeking more information. It is like going to the seminary. It does not mean that you will become a priest, it means that you will explore the possible vocation. If you or someone you know would be interested in RCIA which will begin on Thursday, September 23, at 7:00pm, contact Fr. Morris at 330-836-2233.

BAPTIZED NON-CATHOLIC:  Most strictly speaking, RCIA is for those who are not baptized, though often those coming into the Church all go through the same process. However, those validly baptized in other Christian traditions have other options. If you are a baptized non-Catholic or an older Catholic who needs confirmation, please contact Fr. Valencheck or Fr. Morris for your options.

PODCAST:  For years I wanted to start a podcast but never had the time. Fr. Morris however, not only knows how to do it, he has the desire! He is looking for topics to discuss on his podcast and asked that if you have any to suggest to contact him!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck