Father's Bulletin Letter 8.28.22

Aug 25, 2022


Welcome back students of our Parish School to our 93rd academic year (the school opening for classes the year after the founding of the parish.) I am looking forward to another fantastic year. And to all of our students returning to studies wherever you may be, know of my prayers for a year of growing in grace and wisdom.


EUCHARISTIC DEVOTIONS ARE AROUND THE CORNER! Our annual Eucharistic Devotions are coming up September 11th through the 13th opening with exposition following the Sunday 11am Mass and closing with Compline and Benediction on Tuesday night beginning at 7pm.

There will be sign-up sheets by the Blessed Virgin Mary statue in the front of the church at the altar rail. Consider adopting an hour to make sure that someone is present with Our Lord the entire time He is exposed on our altar. Difficult times to fill are between 4 and 7pm while many are involved with dinner duties. It would be great to have at least two people signed up for every hour. Consider bringing the family or friends.

You always come through so wonderfully for this devotion and it is important this year as the Church enters into a period of Eucharistic Revival. Come give thanks and honor to the One Who gives us life and meaning and hope.

MARY: I am aware that the spotlight on the Mary statue is out. The problem? You guessed it! Supply chain difficulties! Please be assured that it is being worked on.


AUGUST 27th: CHRIS FEST: For those who read this letter in time, come enjoy this second annual end of the summer festival that raises funds for the school. It was a wonderful time last year and I look forward to seeing you there.

SEPTEMBER 7th: MISSIONARY DISCIPLESHIP: This small group program begins soon. See elsewhere in the bulletin for details.

SEPTEMBER 8th RCIA: Classes for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults begins this day.

THINKING OF BECOMING CATHOLIC? If you are thinking about becoming Catholic, or just want more information in order to make a more informed decision, one way of going about it is going through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). Join with others on a similar journey. Gatherings begins September 8th. Call Keith Johnson at (330) 836-2233.

SEPTEMBER 11th: PSR CLASSES BEGIN: Pretty soon we will be reopening our Parish School of Religion for the new academic year! Make sure to register your family! Looking forward to all of you returning to the classroom!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck