Father's Bulletin letter 7.24.22

Jul 19, 2022


I have been out of town on my continuing education this past week. If you needed to be in touch with me, I recommend trying again now that I have returned! Next week Fr. Bozek will be leaving for his annual vacation.


THANK YOU:  Thanks to some pro-active parishioners, St. Sebastian Parish is in the top 7% of parishes that responded to the tax credit program that allows Ohioans to direct up to $750 of their state income tax to the private school of their choice for the purpose of scholarships. Already this year the parish will be receiving a little over twelve thousand dollars in tuition relief directed to those who are in need. Thank you! You are awesome!

It is still not too late to take advantage of this opportunity. Ask your tax consultant, call Milissa Smith our business manager at 330-836-2233, or call the diocese at 216-902-1312 for more details.

MISSION SUNDAY:  This Sunday is Mission Sunday. Every year we are assigned one missionary to come and invite you to participate in their mission. If you did not come prepared to give this weekend and wish to do so, you may drop an envelope off at the rectory early in the week.

PARISH FESTIVAL NEXT WEEK:  The Sanctuary Society is hosting this event on our grounds this coming Saturday from 5:00 to 8:00 o’clock! Come be part of the summer fun! See elsewhere in this bulletin for more details.

ROOF!:  The replacement of our church roof has been approved by the Diocese! We have been battling little leaks over the past decade or so, on our 60 year old roof. As reported earlier, the tiles are probably good for another ten years or so but it is the underlining that is failing and causing leaks in the church. So, beginning in October, we will begin the replacing the tile roofs on the church, the two bell towers and the decorative roof on the Early Learning Center (the old convent.)

We also met with the company that will be replacing Mull Avenue next summer. They came to give us an estimate on our brick drives that are become dangerous for walkers. When we receive the estimate and other pertinent information (and receive permission from the Diocese) then the decision will be made as to whether we can move ahead. The company suggested that work could take place as early as this winter.

GROUNDS:  For those of you who read this letter early, there is a Grounds Crew Work Day this Saturday, July 23. Don’t be shy! Just show up Saturday morning and ask anybody that you see working about how you might pitch in!


Speaking of which, I hope that you are able to take advantage of walking about our property to see how fellow parishioners keep us looking so beautiful. The grounds, flowerbeds, the cutting garden, the school garden are all magnificent examples of what great things that can be accomplished when the community cares and comes together.

The same goes for our Jazz and Wine Festival. What a great event. And thank you to all of volunteers that stuck around to help put away tables and chairs. It made life so much easier!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck