Father's Bulletin Letter 7.12.20

Jul 09, 2020


I think that I understand better now why people become so discouraged in matters of faith. I’ve often said to people, “You can find a religious leader to tell you just about anything that you want to hear.” If a person is not grounded in an idea of faith, being presented with all kinds of conflicting information about Christ and His mission could seem an insurmountable tangle of wires to untie.

Similarly, we are inundated with all kinds of conflicting information from credible scientists and others concerning the CORONA virus, perhaps the most controversial issue being the wearing (or not wearing) of masks. The issue is hotly debated and there are definite camps not unlike religious camps of yore each saying, “I am for Luther!” and “I am for the Pope!” and each condemning the other. There are those who are convinced by scientific studies that everybody should wear masks for the health of everyone around them and there are those who are equally persuaded by other scientists that a general wearing of masks by everyone is hurting the cause of keeping our populace healthy.

I have my own opinion but it is just that: my opinion. I know that there are many parishes that have decided to go “whole hog” on one way of dealing with the CORONA virus but among other things, there are some canonical difficulties with this. What we are doing at St. Sebastian is trying to give the widest range of recommended safe practices possible in order to bring as many people to the sacraments as we can; to keep Scriptures being proclaimed and to feed and encourage the faith to a present body as we can.

Because of this and after consultation with the diocese, the most important change that we are making is that MASKS WILL BE REQUIRE AT THE SATURDAY, 4:30 VIGIL MASS. It will be impossible to police and I will not ask our volunteer ushers to act as bouncers. Extra signage will be put up and I will simply ask our community to be observant of this request made by fellow parishioners.

So, as a review:


 SUNDAY 9:00am MASS: Social distancing between households - masks recommended.

 SUNDAY 11:00am: Outdoor Mass. Social distancing between households.

 SUNDAY 1:00pm: Social distancing between households - masks recommended.

 SUNDAY YOUTUBE: The 9:00am Mass will be live-streamed. The Sunday obligation has not been    reinstated by the bishops of     Ohio as of yet.


CONFESSIONS: There are still confessions on Friday at 4:00pm and Saturday at 9:30am. The Tuesday confessions will be reinstated with all day Adoration on Tuesday’s when it begins again. We do not have enough priests to begin adoration and do confessions at the same time. As of our last attempt, we were just a little short of having enough people sign up to cover all of the hours. We will try again soon.

NO YOUTUBE: You may have wanted to watch Mass earlier in the week and discovered that we did not live-stream. Or maybe you sent an email and did not receive a reply. Our internet was down for a few days, having gone down, of course, at 9:00pm on Sunday of Independence Day weekend. Our company was not able to send anybody out until Tuesday. If there was any inconvenience to you, I thank you for your understanding.

MISSIONARY: A priest from the Marist Missionaries will be at all of our Masses this weekend for our annual mission appeal.

VACATION: Fr. Simone will be on vacation beginning July 17th.

CONCERT: Those of you who saw my Facebook page about a month ago or live in the neighborhood and experienced it are aware of the three trap set drummers who set up in Forest Lodge and wailed away. It was something fun and exiting to behold. I went up to one of the guys and said, “Would you like to do the same thing across the street at St. Sebastian?” and he said sure. So Lynn set it up. They will be IN THE SHADE on our front property and you are invited to bring a lawn chair or blanket and maybe a picnic and enjoy. Quite frankly, you could probably social distance about two blocks away and still fully enjoy this wonderful ruckus!

Drummer Lawn Concert Sunday, July 12th from 5:00 to 6:00pm.

JAZZ & WINE FESTIVAL: This was suppose to be the week for the Jazz and Wine Festival. At this moment it is officially postponed. Keep an eye out for future details.

ICONS: The icons of the Guardian Angels in the church were made in a class at the St. Sebastian Academy of Culture and Arts. Keep an eye out for future offerings of the ACA.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck