Father's Bulletin Letter 6.16.24

Jun 11, 2024


Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dads.  Thank you for living out your vocation as a father and husband.  Along with your wives, it is because of you that the Church and our parish continue to grow and have life.  May God bless you in this vocation particularly on this day and may your practice of the faith continue to grow.  As St. John Paul II said, “As to Fathers, there is something about seeing the most powerful force in your life, the man who provides and protects, take to his knees and pray every day.”


BRICK STREET JAZZ AND WINE FESTIVAL ALMOST HERE:  Tickets are limited for the Jazz and Wine Festival, Thursday, June 20.  Get yours quickly!  This year’s feature band is Esto Jazz.  The festival is held in the Parish School courtyard or in Zwisler Hall should there be inclement weather.

BISHOP WOOST COMING TO ST. SEBASTIAN:  Our Auxiliary Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Woost will be speaking on Monday, June 17 at our Theology on the Rocks.  He is an outstanding speaker and I hope you get to hear him.  Doors open at 7pm at Our Lady of the Cedars.  Admission is $15 and includes appetizers.  Open to all.

CHANGES COMING QUICKLY:  When I sat down with my calendar today, I was surprised that events that seemed so far away are really right around the corner.  The “Happy 25th Anniversary Party” for Fr. Bozek also became a “Goodbye and Thank You Party”.  This will take place on Sunday, June 23 following both Masses.  Fr. Bozek is leaving St. Sebastian Parish to become the pastor of St. Barbara Parish in Cleveland.  If you are not attending these Masses, please come by the courtyard around noon to say congratulations to him on his twenty-fifth anniversary, for his new appointment, and to say thank you for his years of service to this parish.

Fr. Bozek’s final, official Mass at St. Sebastian will be on Saturday morning, June 29 at 8am. After Mass he will spend that morning moving so that he can begin his first day at his new assignment which will be that Sunday, June 30.

On his heels, Fr. Marcelli will be moving boxes in one door as Fr. Bozek is moving boxes out the other.  Fr. Marcelli’s first official day will be on Monday, July 1, but we have not worked out the details for the July calendar.

This past Thursday, the parish staff had a Thank You and Happy Retirement Party for Michelle Huber who was our very first staff Marketing Director.  Michelle really gave the parish a feel and a branding identity which helped unify and organize the parish mission and promote our school and activities.  Almost everything that you see from the parish or online has passed through her office in order to give it that St. Sebastian Parish feel and recognizability.  Thank you, Michelle, for your years of dedicated service and wonderful work on behalf of the mission of the parish. 

PARISH GARDEN:  The workers at the parish vegetable garden are looking for a couple of volunteers to water the garden one night a week.  Please contact the parish office for more information.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck