Father's Bulletin Letter 6.14.20

Jun 11, 2020

Do you want to know what is AWESOME?! Having a congregation that does not have the obligation to come to Mass but freely chooses to attend just the same despite a possible health threat. That is something worth celebrating.

I am not one who wants things to return to normal. If you recall, “normal” was not all that great - at least as it was experienced in much of our country with fewer people at Mass and a growing number of “Nones” (those not claiming any faith.) It is time for a new era of faith and it will begin with you who will return to the practice of the faith after its temporary suppression. We have the opportunity to bring a springtime to the faith the way life came back to the earth after the Flood. They did not go back to “normal” but created a better new world. That is our goal.

One of the difficulties of getting OFF of the ark will be getting everybody ON the same page. As a community there are those who are ready to be done with many of our precautions and those who are not even ready to venture out of their homes as of yet. So where should we fall? That is a tricky line to walk.

Soon we will see how powerful the virus is in the general population after having a week of mass gatherings of people. I would imagine that this will give us a clearer idea of where we should be heading as we make decision for the future. But for this current weekend, we will keep most of our precautions in place which include:
 Limited entrances to the church
 Limited restroom facilities
 Closed off pews
 Augmented Communion procedures
 “Restoration Style” confessions
 11:00 Sunday Mass will be outdoors in the school courtyard

As for next weekend, keep an eye out for the Angelus Letter for any changes.


COPRUS CHRISTI: For those of you who receive this letter in advance, there will be a Corpus Christi procession following the 9:00am Mass. It will encircle our property and end where the 11:00am Mass will be celebrated in the school courtyard.

There will also be a procession at the 1:00pm Mass although this one will be indoors.

HUMAN DIGNITY: Last week those who received the Angelus Letter saw the letter sent out to people of our diocese from our administrator concerning racism, inequality and the recent protests and riots. It is hopefully obvious that in her official teaching, the Church proclaims the inherent dignity of every human person and is called to stand as advocates for all victims. Truth does not take sides except that which is True, Good and Beautiful. These current events have been a time not only for action in our culture but a period of self-reflection and examination. I contemplate if I have done my best in my leadership and where we as a parish can do better in being Christ to others. Christ came to save the human race and it is our vocation to make that salvation obtainable. That means recognizing the same Christ in others as we do ourselves. Please pray for me as pastor of this parish that I will help make possible the path toward this realization more available to this community and that we as the Body of Christ will take up his banner of concern for all of the Father’s sons and daughters.

God bless,
Fr. Valencheck
From The