Father's Bulletin Letter 6.13.21

Jun 10, 2021


Welcome Father Peter Morris!

As this is being written to you on Monday morning, Fr. Anthony is finishing his last day packing up his car, reading your cards and writing a homily for his last Mass at the nursing home. Fr. Morris is in the brick driveway with a truck moving his things into the garage for when it is time for him to start moving his things into the rectory rooms. I noted that he brought his own trash can, which I found interesting.  He said, “That is for the ashes of the smoker. I like to smoke meats.” I think we will get along just fine.

The morning is vacillating between the excitement of getting to know the new priest who will be living and serving here and sending off the one who has been such a delight. Tonight, we will all sit down together along with the seminarians and enjoy dinner together. We are so very blessed. Thank you, God, for all the wonderful people that you send our way.

And speaking of wonderful people, thank you to everybody who made last weekend such a grace-filled time. There were so many things to celebrate: Corpus Christi, the reinstating of the obligation to get to Mass and our final Masses with Fr. Anthony. From receptions to Mass coordinating, from ministers to those who keep our place looking so beautiful, from all the behind-the-scenes helpers to those who turned out in such great numbers: Thank you and God bless! We did St. Sebastian proud.


CONGRATULATIONS EIGHTH GRADERS!  Congratulations to our thirty-three graduating 8th graders from St. Sebastian Parish School. These students earned over $205,000 in awards and scholarships to take with them and use over the next four years at area high schools.

One of the things that I hear over and over again from area high schools both Catholic and public is that they can always spot a St. Sebastian student. They are a good example of what it is to be a Christian lady or gentlemen and are well prepared for the rigors of high school. Thank you, Principal Rohr, faculty and staff! God bless you, students. You were an amazing class during a very challenging year! You rose to the occasion. May this experience serve you well.

ANOTHER ORDINATION:  You may remember Mr. Brian Smith who is currently Deacon Brian Smith. For a long time, he directed our Gregorian Schola group and played our organ for the 1:00pm Latin Mass. On Saturday, June 19th, at the Cathedral of St. Columba, he will become Father Brian Smith and serve as a priest in the Diocese of Youngstown! Congratulations.

His First Mass of Thanksgiving will be on Sunday, June 20th, at St. Mary Church at 3:00pm, 206 Cherry Road Northeast, Massillon. Please keep him in your prayers.

LIVE-STREAM:  There have been a couple of glitches with live-streaming recently. Don’t worry! We are not fazing it out and hope to have the situation rectified soon.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck