Father's Bulletin Letter 6.12.22

Jun 09, 2022


Our church was completed in 1960. Since that time, our upper, tile roof has done an admirable job. About ten years ago we had the tiles tested and the report came back that they should hold up for about another twenty years. And they have! Unfortunately, the membrane underneath the tiles responsible for keeping the rain out is failing.

Taking the risk of telling you more than you want to know: The job of the clay tiles that you see is to take the brunt of the weather and protect the roof from pelting water, hail, snow, slush, birds, branches, wind and so forth. But what actually keeps the water out of the church interior is the material underneath. The tiles seem to be holding up to their promise of ten or so more years, but if you have looked up and around the interior of the church, there is plaster damage from water leaks.

We will need to replace material underneath before we fix our plaster. This will require lifting our tile roof and putting down new, hopefully improved material. But it does not seem to make sense to pay to put the old tile back down just to have to remove it again in ten years and replace it. It seems much more prudent just to replace the tile roof when it is removed so that it may go about its work of keeping us dry hopefully even longer than the current roof of 60 years.

We are currently seeking bids not only for this roof, but for the two bell towers, the accent on the Early Learning Center and possibly the greenhouse. It will provide a unified look across the campus as well as being more cost effective in having it all done at once. When that is finished, the plaster in the church will be repaired, which, fortunately, is covered by insurance.


CONCERT:  The Greater Cleveland Chamber Choir will round out our current season of concerts this Saturday, June 11, at 6:30pm in the church. There will be a pre-concert talk at 6:00pm. Our next season kicks off on Thursday, July 14, with our annual Brick Street Jazz and Wine Festival.

NEW MINISTRY FOR FINANCIAL WELLNESS: For those individuals and couples who wish to discuss or evaluate their finances, investments, retirement planning and other financial related issues, there is a new ministry in the parish to help answer your questions. The Financial Wellness Ministry has been established by two long-term members of the parish to provide FREE and CONFIDENTIAL guidance. Ed Hillmuth and Jim Burns have both served on Parish Finance Council and have extensive Finance and Banking backgrounds. They are here to help with issues such as: How do I invest? How do I set up a budget? What is my net worth? Should I refinance my mortgage? Do I need life insurance and if so, how much and what kind? Am I saving enough for retirement? Ed and Jim are willing to meet multiples times if desired. Both men are especially interested in working with younger individuals and couples, including high school and college students, to help them start off adult life with a good financial understanding.

For more information contact Ed Hillmuth at 330-697-1437 or Jim Burns at 330-322-9487.

DEATH OF BISHOP MALESIC’S FATHER:  This past week, Joseph A. Malesic, the father of our Bishop, Edward Malesic passed away at the age of 104. Please offer a prayer for our Bishop, his family and for the repose of the soul of his father.

If you would like to write a note to the Bishop, here is his address:

The Right Reverend Edward C. Malesic JCL

Bishop of Cleveland

1404 East 9th Street

Cleveland, OH  44114

DIOCESAN NEWS:  There may be events and offerings around the diocese that you might be interested in that do not always make it into our bulletin. Here are some ways to stay more informed. Go to dioceseofcleveland.org and type “Diocesan Memorandum” into the search bar for more programs across the diocese and information about the church of greater Cleveland. You could also type, “Festivals” into the search bar and see a listing of many of the parish festivals in our eight-county diocese.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck