Father's Bulletin Letter 5.8.22

May 05, 2022


To all of our mothers, “Happy Mother’s Day!” May this day be one of blessing, strengthening and healing for you. May Mary, our Mother, guide and support you in your many duties and opportunities. Thank you for all that you do.


FIRST COMMUNION:  All of our second graders had their First Communion this Saturday morning, May 7th. For the first time, they had intimate Communion with the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ. As they continue to receive this most precious gift, please pray for them and their families. Also say a prayer for the second-grade students and families at Julie Billiart, Akron who will be making their First Communions next Saturday.

MONSIGNOR CHIMA NWAMADI:  Fr. Chima lived at St. Sebastian for four years during Fr. Karg’s pastorate while he studied for his doctorate at the University of Akron. He wrote a letter to the parish in August of last year stating, “I am writing to express my heartfelt condolences to you and also the members of St. Sebastian Parish on the death of your dear brother priest Fr. William D. Karg. Fr. Karg was loved by his parishioners as he served them selflessly. The news of his death was a big shock to me and I am finding it difficult to put it behind me.”

As many of you know, he has returned to St. Sebastian for this month to visit, to remember his time with Fr. Karg, and to help celebrate his 40th year of ordination! As you see him on the altar or around town, make sure you say “hello” and congratulate him. He also looks forward to reconnecting with those he knew from all those years ago.

THANK YOU:  Fellow parishioners put on a few awesome events last weekend! Hundreds of people enjoyed spiritual and recreational events that reached parishioners and non-parishioners, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It was a beautiful outreach to all, bringing persons closer to Christ from our tiny little corner in West Akron. But you do this all the time. Thank you to everyone who pitches in and makes this parish the cornerstone of our community.

CONCERTS COMING UP:  Quire Cleveland will be performing Sunday, May 15, at 5:00pm. Quire Cleveland is dedicated to exploring, preserving and breathing new life into nine centuries of extraordinary choral music. The only professional acapella vocal ensemble in the area that specializes in earlier repertoires, this is an excellent opportunity not only to enjoy great music, but to introduce concerts, and how to attend them to families. Free and open to the public.

Singers Companye returns to perform another concert here on Sunday, May 22, at 4:30pm after their triumphal benefit concert here last month to support Ukraine.

MINISTRY FOR COUPLES STRUGGLING WITH FERTILITY:  Infertility, miscarriage and loss are a sad reality of our world. Just know there is understanding and hope in speaking with others. For more information or to help, please contact Kathy at 330-328-2240.

RECYCLE ELECTRONICS: For a limited time only, you may recycle your electronics at St. Sebastian in the large, white container next to our cardboard recycle bin in the Byrider parking lot. Computers, televisions, blenders, “anything with a plug” that fits in the container may be dropped off there.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck