Father's Bulletin Letter 4.18.21

Apr 15, 2021


Continuing this week, we have our “Spectacular,” our largest fundraiser for the school.  Who could plan an event in this crazy year?  We could!  Finding it impossible to plan for an in-person gathering of our community, our committee pulled together an online fundraiser for this year in hopes that you will find your way to support quality, safe, Catholic education.

St. Sebastian Parish School is turning heads because of its high growth and high achievement results, especially during this year of pandemic.  One of the great reasons that the school was able to pull that off was because of YOU! Due to your support of the school and Catholic education, our school was prepared to face the challenges of this past year and far exceed expectations.  What a blessing in the lives of these students.  Additionally, they were still able to receive the sacraments and learn more about their faith as well as continuing to be around their friends and classmates.  I doubt they can conceive how fortunate they are.

This is where you come in.  Help this marvelous opportunity to continue for these young folks.  Your participation in the Spectacular will help keep our school affordable, maintain its technology and make the school a safe environment as we enter our 92nd year of faith, pride, tradition and achievement.

Donating and supporting the Spectacular is easy. Just visit www.BidPal.net/SebastianSpectacular or you can drop your donation off at the rectory or school office, just be sure to mark Spectacular on the envelope.


FR. SIMONE:  I don’t want you to be caught off guard.  We have just about two months left with Fr. Simone before he moves on to his next assignment!  Four years can certainly fly by.  We do not yet know where he is going, but most likely he will have one more assignment as a parochial vicar, probably for a shorter time than he had here, and then be made a pastor.  Keep him in your prayers.  Plans are being made for his parish going away party.  Stay tuned.

As to his replacement, we will not find that out until the end of this month.  Please pray for whomever it is that may be coming our way.  It is nice to be able to say, “even before I knew who you would be, I was praying for you.”

PROJECTS:  There are a number of conspicuous projects that are going on or are about to begin.  The stone sidewalk in front of the school is almost completed.  There will be work on our 92-year-old bell tower on the school soon.  There was some hail damage as well as some masonry work that needs attention.  There is also some work being done on the walkway between the rectory and church building.  A door is being added for outdoor access.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck