Father's Bulletin Letter 3.7.21

Mar 02, 2021


Congratulations to our Sebastianites who received their Confirmation this Friday, March 5th!  I am particularly proud of the young ladies and gentlemen who applied themselves to this program so well during a pandemic year.  May God, Who began this great work in you, bring it to fruition!  Through the intercession of St. Sebastian, may you remain close to Christ and grow more deeply in your identity as a son or daughter of your heavenly Father.

For this sacrament, we welcomed Abbot Gary Hoover OSB of the St. Andrew Benedictine Monastery.  Thank you for joining us for this most important celebration Abbot!


HOMEBOUND:  I am aware that there are many of us still participating in the parish from a distance.  It is for this reason that you are probably reading this letter online rather than in the bulletin.  Thank you for tuning in to our livestream Masses and doing what you can to still be a part of the praying community.  Though you cannot receive the Eucharist, you sanctify our land wherever you may be by carrying on this prayer out in the community.  Remain strong in the faith!

If you have been considering returning, might I recommend the 4:30 Mass?  Generally, this is the Mass at which we have the lowest attendance and mask wearing is at about 100%. 

If you are unable to do that as of yet and need to get out of the house, there are times when the church is almost empty during the day when you could come and sit and be at a distance from others.  This would also be an excellent time to visit the relics that are in the Padre Pio Chapel.  You could also park on Mull Avenue and through our glass doors be able to see all the way to the tabernacle.  It is an opportunity to show reverence and pray before Him.

We still offer the online Masses.as well as the Stations of the Cross which you could follow along on the St. Sebastian YouTube channel.

Starting next Sunday we will have:

OUR PARISH LENTEN MISSION:  Mr. Keith Johnson, our Parish Catechetical Leader will be providing our Lenten Mission, “REVIVE US!” every night at 7PM March 14th through the 16th both live in the church and live-streamed!  See elsewhere in the bulletin for more details.

PRE-CANA:  Thanks to fellow parishioners we will be having our Pre-Cana Day at St. Sebastian, appropriately modified for COVID.  Attendants will be limited!  Keep an eye out!  Notification will be forthcoming!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck