Father's Bulletin Letter 3.6.22

Mar 03, 2022


We are now in the thick of Lent. If you have not already decided what spiritual practices to do during this time, it is not too late! If you have already missed the mark, jump back on track. This is our opportunity, with God’s assistance, to be stronger, freer, holier people than we were starting March 2.

With Stations of the Cross on Fridays at 1:45pm and 7:00pm, confessions, adoration on Tuesdays, compline and benediction on Tuesday nights at 7:40pm, daily Mass, Operation Rice Bowl, there are all kinds of spiritual activities from which to choose if you so decide. On top of that, we are fortunate in that we are able to keep our church doors open during the day and you are invited to come spend some time with the Lord, light a candle, write in the intention book at the St. Patrick statue, visit with the relic of St. Padre Pio or the other relics on display, make a donation to the poor box, contemplate, pray, think and generally make use of your church to aid you in your spiritual journey.


CONGRATULATIONS:  Congratulations to all who made their confirmation on Friday evening with Bishop Martin Amos! You are now fully initiated in the Church, you have been infused with the Holy Spirit and now it is your turn to take on leadership roles in the faith. I look forward to seeing the marvelous things that you do. Please keep our confirmandi in your prayers.

RCIA:  Those who are going to become fully initiated in the Church at Easter will be enrolled in the Book of the Elect this weekend. Please keep Catechumens: Tiffany Croff and Kylissa Himes, and Candidates: Danielle Cox and Karen Mihalic in your prayers during this final part of their journey!

ANGEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND:  As you are preparing your taxes, keep in mind or ask your tax consultant about directing up to $750 of your liable income tax to St. Sebastian Parish School. More information coming very soon! Find out more now by going to https://www.catholiccommunity.org/angel-scholarship-fund/overview.

PERKINS PROPERTY:  You will see action beginning very soon on the Perkins property! We have been informed that there will be a groundbreaking at the end of the next month with a ceremony at St. Sebastian Parish. Plots will immediately go on sale on that day.

There won’t be a lot of exciting movement over there right away. The first phase is putting in all of the infrastructure, but it is moving forward! For more information, check out this Thursday’s Angelus Letter. If you do not receive the Angelus Letter and would like to, contact the rectory office at 330-836-2233.

WELCOME BACK:  This week we welcome back two seminarians who will be staying with us during their winter break from seminary. Deacon Ian Kelly who is slated to be ordained a priest in 2023 and Charlie Bulger, who is finishing up his first year of theology.

THANK YOU:  A great big thank you to everybody who worked so hard on the Spectacular, to our sponsors and to all of you who attended and donated! Thank you for making St. Sebastian Parish School strong!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck