Father's Bulletin Letter 2.21.21

Feb 18, 2021


Lots of things have changed over the past year.  We are encroaching upon the one-year anniversary of when radical changes occurred in the way the world went about its daily business including even the way we relate to each other.  One of the things that did not change was the need of those less fortunate among us.  In fact, not only did their need grow, but the number of people who require assistance also increased.  And it happened, as these things do in this world, when the resources of those who typically help are themselves strained.  Such has been the year 2020 for Catholic Charities.

To help combat this there will be three ways to donate this year:

Our annual in pew appeal, which we will have this weekend

By texting CCHOPE to 41444

Online at CatholicCommnity.org/MATCH

Thanks to a very generous donor, every gift that is received this weekend only will be matched dollar to dollar up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS giving you extra bang for your buck to help those most in need within the eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland, one of the largest Catholic Charities in the world.

OPERATION RICE BOWL:  If your household has not already received an “Operation Rice Bowl,” you may find them in the lobbies of the church this weekend or at the rectory.  As you fast and abstain during this season, place in your savings (or donations) in your “bowl” and Catholic Relief Services will bring aid to the poorest of the poor around the world.

PETER MAURIN CENTER:  This weekend is St. Sebastian’s turn to feed the hungry at the Peter Maurin Center.  This organization, begun years ago by the Catholic pastors of Akron, take care of the poor in our city who need food and basic human compassion.  To donate or volunteer please contact Bruce Eitman at bruce.eitman@outlook.com.

POOR BOX:  You may have seen the Poor Box in the back of the church under the usher’s window.  These funds go to our St. Vincent de Paul Society who takes care of those in need within our parish boundaries.  If you are interested in volunteering for this outstanding organization, please contact Bernie Smith at 330-807-0135

A SPECTACULAR NON-EVENT:  What else could be strange about this year?  How about the near impossibility of having any fundraisers?!  What is a committee to do?  How about having a non-event Event?  This year you are invited to participate from home and bid on fabulous silent auction items such as special dinners (which you probably would want anyway), one of a kind classroom projects and other enticing items.  The non-event Event will run from April 12th through the 24th and all proceeds will support tuition reductions for all St. Sebastian families, invest in technology, fund our school’s new security and safety projects and add to the school’s endowment.  Keep an eye out for details coming your way soon!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck