Father's Bulletin Letter 1.8.23

Jan 05, 2023


Happy 50th anniversary to our choir! The St. Sebastian Parish choir was formed in 1971 at the request of the Rev. Charles Byrider, the second pastor of our parish. Over the years the choir has been recognized for its achievements in creating great music. They were finalists in the WCLV’s Jubilation Choir Festival in the Spring of 2010, 2011 and 2013 and sang a Mass for EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). The choir also conducted a concert tour of Italy, with a Mass in St Peter’s, sang for Pope Benedict at Castle Gandolfo and traveled and sang throughout Ireland.

This weekend the choir will be having a private dinner celebration for their 50 years of singing. I would like to thank them for sharing their talent, their hard work and dedication. That includes not only those who stand in the choir loft today, but also those musicians I never met who built the foundations of what we are able to enjoy at worship and concert today. God bless you.

If you get the chance, pat Lynn Steward or a choir member on the back and say thank you or offer up a prayer for those whose talents aid our prayer and worship so magnificently.


OFFICE CLOSED: The parish offices will be closed on Monday, January 16, as our nation marks Martin Luther King Day. Mass will be at 9am.

NIGHT THE RACES: Next weekend is our annual Night at the Races to benefit our sports boosters! Proceeds help supply sporting equipment for our athletes and keep the fees for participating in our sports programs among the most affordable of our peers in the area. I’ll be there and hope to run into you!

SEMINARIAN UPDATE: Charlie Bulger has returned to the Jesuits and is beginning a 30 day silent retreat. Michael Garvin who had been providing us with organ music for the morning Christmas Masses has moved out. Joe Ho returned on Monday feeling under the weather, but we should see him around a bit more and Conner Scully will remain in residence another week. Please keep them and all considering a Church vocation in your prayers.

LAST DAY OF CHRISTMAS: This Sunday, January 8, marks the last day of the Christmas season with the celebration of the Epiphany. Thank you to everyone who helped make our Christmas celebrations so worthy. A special note of thanks goes to Terry Tolson who newly headed up our decorating committee.


God bless,

Fr. Valencheck