Father's Bulletin Letter 1.23.22

Jan 20, 2022


Thank you for an outstanding St. Sebastian Feast Day. It was an awesome celebration. How very blessed are we! St. Sebastian, pray for us!


SEMINARIANS:  I am also grateful to the three seminarians, Charles, Joseph and Vincent, who were with us over the past month. They served Mass and helped out around the parish and kept me and Fr. Bozek company during their Christmas break. Please keep them and all of the seminarians studying for services in the Diocese of Cleveland in your prayers.

BAPTISMAL FONT:  By now you have noticed that the baptismal font has been moved. The marble, from the same quarry in Italy from which the rest of the marble in our sanctuary came, finally arrived and was installed just in time for St. Sebastian weekend. The very first baby to be baptized in the new location was Lillian Gloria Pinney and she smiled through the whole thing, giving it her seal of approval.

RTL SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN:  You donated about two thousand dollars to the Right to Life Signature Campaign a couple of weeks ago though that amount may change due to direct mail ins. “We received 165 signatures. RTL compiles that information in order to show legislators that they have pro-life support in their districts (state and federal levels) and that their constituents desire to see an end to abortion. The media campaign provides women (and girls) the information they need regarding all the help available to them and their unborn child.” This is an important year as our nation contemplates its stance on the subject of abortion.

DOMINION:  Replacement of the gas lines along Mull Avenue is scheduled to begin this Monday, January 24, at 7:30am. The targeted starting area will be closer to Schneider Park and should not affect the parish. We will be contacted when the work moves to the St. Sebastian Square area. Assuming that weather is cooperative, the whole project is expected to last thirty working days plus two weeks of restoration. Lane closures, if there will be any, will not take place until after 9:00am.

At this point we do not expect any difficulties with getting to the church on weekends. There may be periods of times when a small portion of the sidewalk along Mull will not be ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant, but by parking in our parking lot, there will be no obstacle in getting to Mass.

Dominion will work with us in keeping the way clear for school drop off and pick up. Mr. Rohr and his safety team are considering changing these procedures since they may need to be changed next school year if the Mull Avenue re-bricking work lingers into the school year. At the moment, there are no changes to any procedures. Mr. Rohr will make sure you know in advance if there needs to be alternative plans. Keep an eye out!

ELMDALE PARK:  Elmdale Park is the triangle on which some people typically park their cars when we need extra space on the weekend. The city is considering fixing up this park (that few people even know is a city park.) They are willing to postpone all work on this triangle until after all of the Mull Avenue work is completed so that we do not lose out on too much parking. Plans are being proposed however. The proposal is posted in the back hallway of the church (near the bride’s room) and there is further information that was published in this week’s Angelus Letter.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck