Father's Bulletin Letter 1.10.21

Jan 07, 2021


Happy Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. This weekend concludes the celebration of Christmas and we enter into ordinary time on Monday according the current ordo (with Easter just about 3 months away! Pray that our celebrations will go more smoothly this year than last Easter). This also means that all of the Christmas decorations in the church will be coming down. So if you would like a poinsettia following the last Mass on Sunday, please feel free to take one.


ST. SEBASTIAN DAY: We are in the month of January, which means our parish feast day is right around the corner! St. Sebastian Day the 20th of January on the church calendar but we are given permission to move our celebration of our patron saint to the nearest Sunday. So our day to offer thanks and ask for continued intercession of our awesome St. Sebastian will be on the weekend of January 16th and 17th. St. Sebastian, pray for us!

OH SAY CAN YOU HEAR? The parish could use your assistance. The sound company came in to do some work on our sound system in church. Unfortunately they finished right before Christmas and we didn’t have time to experiment with it before all of the Christmas Masses leading to a couple of instances of using the wrong settings. At least that part has been figured out now.

We have been informed that if the sound still needs work after the last attention it received, there were were still a few adjustments that could be made. But we need to know a few things first. Here is where you come in. If you could give some feedback on your experience of hearing in the church at any Mass after the Christmas Masses, it would go a long way in helping get the system right. If you could send in an email to church@stsebastian.org with your comments, it would be greatly appreciated.

In order for you information to useful, the following information will be needed:
1. Where were you sitting? 2. Was it a weekday or weekend Mass? 3. Could you hear? 4. Is the sound the same, worse or better? 4. If it is better, is it better enough? 5. Did you have a chance to use the sound loop? 6. If we need clarification, may call/email you?

Hopefully, working together we can finally have this old situation rectified. Please try to have your comments in on or before the 18th.

MISC: There are a few liturgical calendars left through the generosity of Hummel Funeral Homes. Once they are gone they are gone so grab yours. There are also a few pieces of chalk and instructions for blessing your home in the lobbies. Lastly, our seminarians will be returning to the seminary soon. They were of immense help especially during the Christmas season. Please keep them in your prayers.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck