Father's Bulletin Letter 10.2.22

Sep 29, 2022


This coming week the Diocese will be holding its biannual Presbyteral Convocation. All the priests of the diocese (active, retired, religious) are expected to be in attendance with Bishop Malesic beginning the afternoon of Tuesday, October 4, until the afternoon of Friday, October 7. Here is how that could affect you:

There will be Tuesday morning Mass, but there will be no confession on Tuesday night. There will be compline, but only a simple reposition of the Blessed Sacrament without Benediction.

On Wednesday morning there will be a Communion Service with seminarian Jeffrey Lindholm who is on his internship at St. Vincent Parish. If you are looking for a Mass, there will be an 8:30am Mass at St. Paul on Brown Street. Fr. Pfeiffer was able to find a priest from outside of our diocese to have a Mass there.

On Thursday there will be Mass at St. Sebastian. Fr. Marty Miller will be coming in from Pittsburg to give us a helping hand.

On Friday morning, Jeffery Lindholm will once again hold a Communion Service for us at 8am. There will be an 8:30am Mass at St. Paul. Fr. Bozek and I plan on returning to the parish in midafternoon so there will be confessions at 4pm.


AWARD: Congratulations to St. Sebastian Parish School on its being awarded the Thomas Edison Award by the Ohio Academy of Science, one of only nine in Akron to receive it and of that, one of only two below the high school level. Well done!

DOGGONE: Many of you have heard that there is a 107 pound, 11-year-old German Shepherd by the name of Edsel (yes, like the Ford) that has been taking up residence at the rectory. Both of his owners passed away recently and he was alone in his house. I decided to foster him until a home could be found. As it turns out, within 15 minutes of his being on our property, a couple who is getting married at the parish in two weeks thought they might like to adopt him. By Sunday afternoon they were sure! So, for the next two or three weeks, there will be a giant bear of a dog in the rectory. You will know he has gone to his new home when my clerics are no longer covered in tan hair.

PROJECTS UPDATE: The repairs to the rectory roof are nearly completed. If you have the chance to visit Byrider Hall you will notice new doors for the entryway and down the main hall. These doors replace ones that are a little over half a century old and I am hoping the new doors last nearly as long! Also take a look at the main hall and bathrooms. With the new roof and the coming new windows for the south side of the building, the building is beginning to look quite loved again.As for the work that will be happening on Mull Avenue, there will be more detailed information this week concerning exact projects and projected beginning and ending dates in the Angelus Letter. There will also be traffic information for this period of time.

MARATHON: There were five seminarians and a priest who come for support at St. Sebastian last week in order to run in the 20th
Akron Marathon. We fed them a high carb dinner on Friday and they woke up at 5am for Mass (not me!) and then they were off for the starting line. It was interesting saying my morning prayers and thinking “They’re running right now,” and during Mass they were running, and during the Men’s Breakfast and then during confessions they were still running. They all finished well but were not too keen on climbing all the steps in the rectory when they returned!

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck