Father's Bulletin Letter 10.17.21

Oct 14, 2021


Do you know why you are special? (You are, and I’m not just saying this to get your attention.  And not “you” in a very general way - I mean specifically you, the one who is reading this - and not because of any titles that you might have - fellow citizen, Sebastianite parishioner - Nope!  I just mean you in the essence of who you are.)  You are more special than all of creation - sacred - because of everything that we see, touch and feel in this world, everything on which we gaze in wonder, of all the drama and beauty that is the universe, you are the only part of this creation that is eternal.  Long after the universe has expanded and stars have so far passed each other’s horizon that they are no longer visible to each other - No!  Even longer than that! - after the very last sun has used up all of its fuel and died out, you will still exist.  You are more permanent than the rocks, than the moon, than light and darkness.  That is what makes you special.

What we do here at the parish is to align ourselves to accepting an eternity that is positive; one full of Light, Goodness, Truth and Beauty.  This does require sacrifice.  It means not getting that extra hour of sleep or corralling toddlers, it may mean crunching the rest of the day in order to be present, it may mean keeping fears and anxieties at bay, it may mean putting up with opposition, conquering apathy or whatever your personal dragons are that need slaying.  It means choosing “The Other” over the self and that is not always an easy thing to do especially when you don’t have a loved one or a parent or a culture encouraging you.  But you have the ability to rise up, to grasp the prize, to defeat the mundaneness of this world and touch the glorious, to participate in the earthly and heavenly realms intermingling and take the Bridegroom into your hand or on your tongue and bring Him into your body: You; the tabernacle of the Lord and the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Last week, I told you that I was looking for volunteers to help in varying ways around the parish.  Here is one more (perhaps the most important.)  Encourage those around you to return to Mass (or begin to come to Mass!)  Do it because you love them.  It is difficult in the rectory for us to know who is not here yet, following COVID, because so many of our people are gone for long periods of time anyway with winter or summer homes elsewhere or jobs that make them travel.  It is not unusual for a family to be gone for three to six months and then just pop back in.  And that is aside from the fact that there are almost 1,800 registered families of which we need to keep track.

Some of us grew ill over the period of COVID and cannot return.  Some just got out of the habit.  Some need help remembering to return.  Some are afraid.  But it is time.  Please encourage one another.  Please pray for one another.  (Stop reading right now and pray - say, I pray for N., please bring them back to Mass!  Hail Mary . . .)  Maybe give them this letter.

Let me especially encourage those families with children, whether in PSR, the Parish School or are home schooled. Nothing learned in class is as valuable as what you gain at Sunday Mass, for what you receive at Mass is the only thing that will go with you into eternity.  You deserve it!  It was left for you by the One Who loves you so dearly.  And that is why you are so special.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck

St. Sebastian, pray for us