Father's Bulletin Letter 10.11.20

Oct 08, 2020


It is odd being a parish during COVID. Normally everything we might do to ease tensions and face challenges begins with the words, “Let’s bring everybody together and . . .”  Of course, gathering and music, two of the things we do well, are two of the things that have been suggested we not do during this time or if we do, to be distanced and masked. And the act of being “on alert” against COVID over such a long period of time is just plain draining. It is difficult to change behaviors and second guess every interaction and recreate former ways of doing things even if we keep saying, “This is only temporary.” Adding to the stress for everyone is that case that not everybody has the same set of solutions and cautions.

This long term stress level is starting to show itself by some fraying at the edges. Stress can have the effect of making persons grumpy. I find myself falling into it every once in a while and thinking, “Why did I react that way?” and then try to shake it off and do better.

We each have a perfectly reasonable excuse to be stressed during this time. But if we give in to it, we will only succeed in making everything worse; a dangerous downward spiral to begin.

For the most part, I have found this community to be largely positive and understanding and I thank you and encourage you to find ways to make it even better. Increase practices of prayer and charity. Keep your chin up and charge through the muck and we will be stronger, holier and closer at the other end. I know you can do it. You’ve proven it time and again. St. Sebastian, patron saint to invoke during times of sickness and pandemic, pray for us!


LIFE CHAIN:  Thank you to everybody who participated in Life Chain last weekend. I was heartened at the support and positive response of those driving by.

ROSARY RALLY OCTOBER 11TH:  Meet in the church on Sunday, October 11th, at 3:00pm for a holy hour followed by a procession around our property reciting the rosary. Just show up with your rosary!

SUNDAY ROSARY:  Fr. Anthony will be leading a Rosary on Sundays at 10:00am in the church from now until the election.

FILL THE CRIB CAMPAIGN:  Please bring blankets, diapers, clothing and your donations to Mass on the weekends of October 24th/25th and October 31st and November 1st as the Knights of Columbus collect your items and donations to support those who choose life by coming to the Embrace Clinic in Barberton seeking assistance.

FR. PFEIFFER & CARDS:  Fr. Pfeiffer and I got together to play cards and relax this past Sunday. I tell you this because there is a rumor going on that we are mad at each other over having competing Masses. Anybody who believes this does not know us very well. It is true that we do not yet know how things will fully shake out. It is difficult to tell exactly what anything means during the time of COVID such as determining if the number of attendees would be an accurate reflection of what we would see without COVID. But last weekend, the first weekend of the Diocesan October Counts, both parishes had in excess of 160 persons at the extraordinary form Masses. This combined number is about a 50% increase in attendance from when there was only one extraordinary form Mass offered in Akron. (We were averaging a little over 200.) So we are in a “wait and see” phase. In the meantime, pray for both parishes.

God bless,

Fr. Valencheck