Annual Eucharistic Devotion

Sep 01, 2021

Eucharistic Devotions begins following the 11AM Mass on September 12th and continuing day and night through closing ceremonies at 7PM on Tuesday, September 14th.  This means we need faithful St. Sebastianites to adopt hours around the clock those three days.  If you can, adopt those dinner hours or those quiet wee hours of the morning or whenever you can.  It would be ideal to have a minimum of two people per hour to help ensure someone will be there to honor our Lord exposed on our altar and it is always nice to have at least one other person in the church at all times.  Sign up sheets are on the altar rail in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue.

Fr. Barry Gearing of St. Newman Parish in Strongsville will be speaking at our closing ceremonies on Tuesday, September 14th at 7PM on Tuesday night.