St. Sebastian Parish Trunk Sale

Jul 11, 2020

St. Sebastian Trunk Sale   

You are invited to participate in the first St. Sebastian Parish Trunk Sale with all proceeds going to support the Good Samaritan Hunger Center on Saturday, July 11th from 9:30-3:00 in the school Brick Parking Lot.  A majority of the items that will be sold are coming from our own rectory and parish school. For those who would like to participate in the sale, you can either sell any items you would like from your car trunk for a donation of $20 or you may simply donate any items you wish to give away to be sold with the items from the parish. If you would like to participate, please call Cam Ferrell (summer seminarian) at 330-400-9526 or email so we can include you and organize all participating vehicles in a socially distant fashion. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the hunger center and clean out some closets and storage space.