The mission of St. Sebastian Parish’s Socials is to create and provide a Christian-based community through RADICAL HOSPITALITY by fostering friendship and family values.

2020 -2021 Welcome Letter

What is a Social?

A big bash, a party, a simple gathering, a competitive game – whatever the Social Hosts want it to be! A social could be for kids only, parents only, entire school or just your child’s grade. This is an opportunity to foster relationships within our school community while supporting our teachers! For past social ideas, check out the link below “view recent socials”.

Who and How Do You Host a Social?

Anyone can host! Once you decide to be a social host (or co-host with 2 or more friends), create and send out the invite asking for RSVP and payment. Promote your Social with help from HASA, school website, teachers and texting your friends! The hosts need to be prepared to cover all expenses so that 100% of ticket price supports our teachers! Please contact one of the Socials Committee Members listed on this site to get started today.

Where does the Money Go?
  • Christmas Gifts & Party: Administration/Aides/Teachers receive a Christmas bonus  
  • 5 Days of Christmas
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: Dinner is provided for staff
  • Teacher Appreciation Party: Celebration to end a successful year
  • Team Building: Off-site lunch and Escape room 
  • Teacher In-Service Day: Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Retirement Recognition: Purchased bricks with names engraved to honor Miss Francis, Mrs. Langenbeck & Mrs. Indriolo
  • Remodeling the staff lounge: Creating a new look and updating the space where staff eats and takes their breaks to re-energize and educate our kids every day

* List is reflective of 2019/2020 year and is modified based on needs communicated by the principal and staff.

All School Social Spring Family Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Fun for the entire family! Please join us Friday, March 26th- Saturday, March 27th for the All School Social Spring Family Photo Scavenger Hunt.  This will be a fun way to spend time with your family, competing for some amazing prizes, all while supporting our wonderful teachers. 100% of proceeds go to the Teachers Appreciation and Wellness Fund.  Children participants will be able to pick up a Spring Candy Treat Bag. We have prizes for the first 7 families that complete the scavenger hunt in the quickest time. AND one Amazing Prize for a “Most Creative” photo!  We can’t wait to see everyone’s photos! Scavenger Hunt Invitation

2021 Winter Socials' Newsletter

2020 Fall Socials' Newsletter

2020 Winter Socials' Newsletter

Attending the Socials

Fill out the RSVP form or contact a Social host listed on the invitation.

Then, mail in a check (or send via backpack express) to the school. If you want to attend more than one social, just combine your money into one check. Make checks payable to St. Sebastian Parish Foundation. No cash will be accepted. Feel free to send in your money at any time. You can sign up for one party at a time and then at a later date signup for another one. Please keep in mind that parties are limited.

If a Social has a maximum number of guests, tickets are on a first-come, first-served bases. Once your check is received, your spot is reserved. There are no refunds, but tickets are transferable to other guests.

If you are interested in hosting a Social or have questions regarding Social Committee please feel free to contact us:

Christie Trenor

(330) 801-1582

Becky Whitney

(330) 519-4836

Ashley Lawson


Laura Chapin


Save The Date

  • March 26, 2021—Spring Family Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • June 3, 2021—5th Grade Café Arnone Food Truck Social
  • June 4, 2021—4th Grade Café Arnone Food Truck Social
  • June 5, 2021— 3rd Grade Café Arnone Food Truck Social
  • October 15, 2021—Trunk-Or-Treat
  • November 14, 2021 – Ladies Luncheon

Recent Socials

Fall Family Photo Scavenger Hunt All School Social

Over 40 families participated in the first Fall Family Photo Scavenger Hunt, raising $1,000 for the Teacher Appreciation and Wellness Fund. Everyone enjoyed fall family fun while competing for some amazing prizes donated by St. Sebastian Community businesses. Families were taken all over town from Schneider Park, to their favorite restaurants, and along the Akron Marathon Blue Line. Thank you to all the host families for supporting and planning this event; Chapin, Lawson, Milan, Najeway, Pezzaniti, Taray, Trenor, Vaccaro & Whitney families.

4th and 5th Grade Beer Tasting

On Saturday, February 29, 2020 parents of 4th and 5th graders joined together for an evening of beer tasting, good food and a bonfire at Forest Lodge.  Fr. Valencheck stopped by and joined in the fun.  Everyone enjoyed the laid back evening out with friends and together raised $407!  Thank you to the Chuba, Hatridge, Lawson, Kenny, Tober, Trenor, and Whitney Families for hosting this event.   

3rd Grade Wine Tasting Event at the Lodge

What a wonderful night we had on November 15th. The 3rd Grade class parents gathered on this chilly night and enjoyed socializing at Forest Lodge with a warm bon fire, wine, beer and great food.  We also got a wonderful visit from our 3rd Grade teachers and were even joined by both Father Valencheck and Father Simone. We can’t thank our hosts enough for throwing this awesome event, which who knows, may become an annual event for our class in the future. That is coarse, if Greg vows to be the awesome DJ for all the events to come in the future. Thanks again for all who joined us this past Friday, we raised a total of $395.00 for our awesome teachers!

Celebrity Night

Thank you for stopping by and supporting the 8th Annual Celebrity Bartending Social at Tangier’s! Our St. Sebastian celebrities served fine spirits with a smile and raised $1,006 for the Teacher Appreciation and Wellness Fund. A special thank you to Tim Beringer Sr., Linda Beringer, Ana Borges, Steve Bordenkircher and Tony Burgoyne for being special guest celebrities this year. This year’s successful event was sponsored by Burgoyne, Jopperi & Paxton Families.Winner, Winner, winner!!!! Congratulations to the “Dream Team” who continues to hold the winning title; Miss Karg, Miss Heffern and Mrs. Smee won the 8:30 PM shift with $263 in tips. Each winning celebrity will receive a $25 gift card to Target and of course bragging rights for this title.

Congrats bartenders ~ Cheers until next time!

Ladies Christmas Boutique

On Sunday, November 17, the 7th Annual Ladies Christmas Boutique and Luncheon was held at Portage Country Club. There were 202 women in attendance this record-breaking year, and 25 vendors were selling their goods in order to jump-start the Christmas Spirit.  The event, which was planned by Anita Calleri, Elizabeth Khayyat, Missy Knauer, and Kathy Huckabee, would never have been possible without the generous donations of the following ladies.  We were able to raise $5050.00 for the St. Sebastian Teacher Appreciation and Wellness Fund. Mark your calendars for the same time next year and don't miss this lovely event! 

2nd Grade Fall Fest Social

The 2nd Grade Fall Fest Social was held in Z-Hall on Sunday, September 29th. It was a fun-filled evening full of fall activities such as; pumpkin decorating and crafts, hoe-down musical chairs, photo station, and a scarecrow dash relay race for the whole family. There were 24 families helped raise $500 for our Teacher Appreciation and Wellness Fund. A special thank you to the Chapin, Coleman, Pozsgay, Whitney, and Wojnicz families for hosting this fun Social and evening with family and friends.

Welcome Back Pool Party

The new incoming 8th graders started their year with a splash! Twenty-six 8th graders gathered at Portage Country Club on a gorgeous summer evening on August 19th to celebrate the incoming school year. It was great to reunite with old friends and get ready to start their last year at St. Sebastian.  The class raised $480.00 for the Teacher Appreciation and Wellness Fund.