Carolyn Schmidlin

Kindergarten Teacher

Spring Hill College: B.A. Spanish

Ursuline College: K-8 Teaching Certificate

Years Teaching

I have been teaching at St. Sebastian School for 16 years. Prior to that, I worked as a kindergarten aide at St. Sebastian for 11 years.


Teacher of the Year, Diocese of Cleveland


Exercising, reading, traveling, and smocking

Why I like teaching

Kindergarten is an exciting, fun place to teach as it is the student’s first experience in elementary school. It is especially enjoyable to watch our classroom develop a family atmosphere in which each child truly cares about the other members of the class. One of my favorite activities which nurtures the family atmosphere in our classroom is one in which each child bring in a “memory bag” in the beginning of the school year.  The children love to share items from their bags that are special to them and we are able to get to know each other a little better through this sharing activity. The children’s enthusiasm for learning also makes kindergarten a wonderful place in which to teach.  The children come to school so eager to learn and are excited about every part of the curriculum and their day.   My goal as a kindergarten teacher is to make each child’s first school experience a positive one in which a love for learning is instilled and will continue to grow.