This evening class would last for five weeks.  There would be a 90-minute class each week in which we discuss the importance of photography, give technical tips and engage in a hands-on digital photography experience.  It wouldn't matter if you are a mom who wants to take better pictures of her children or a worker that would like to take better photographs on the job or an amateur that want to get a new perspective...this class is for every enthusiast!

Further, we would discuss the importance of photography in the Catholic culture and how photography is changing the world in which we live today.  We will also touch on the potential social impact of each is important to know that when you have a camera in your hands, you have a great responsibility to build people up where there is always great temptation to bring others down.

Cost is $100 for the course, and each student is responsible for either providing their own camera or letting the teacher (Joan Crookston) know that your are having difficulty finding one. The only requirements are that it has to be digital and it cannot be attached to a computer (ie. phone/ipad, etc.)

AGES:  Adults

COST: $100 for the course

WHEN: Thursday evenings 2/24 - 4/7 5:30-7:30 in the St. Sebastian Parish School Library

INSTRUCTOR: Joan Crookston

CONTACT:  or 330-592-9714